The History Of The Grand Hotel Panhans
The legendary Viennese chef Vinzenz Panhans opens your hotel. The Vienna society discovers the Semmering. Even the journey by train to the luxurious hotels on the cliffs and even more…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
Planning a trip to any country, the first item in the list is the issue of housing. But not all travellers will love the standard hotel, typical room service and…

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Spain hotels description, rates, booking, reviews

All about the hotels of Spain on the website of “Survival “: the living conditions, description, price. Learn all about the hotels in different countries of the world. Going on vacation or travel remember to collect the hotel information is very useful to calculate your finances and know exactly where you go. All about the hotels, please see our website.

Hotel Mediodia 2* (Madrid, Spain): reviews, booking, prices, food

Hotel Mediodia spread their territory in the Central part of Madrid. With its location the hotel is suitable for people who come to rest, and for businessmen, arrived on a business trip.

Hotel Silken Alfonso X 4* (Madrid, Spain): reviews, prices, food

Hotel Silken Alfonso X 4* was opened in 2001. Since then many years have passed. Yes, today it is visited not so little people. The popularity of this place stems from its unusual and elegant design, relatively low prices and quality service. Continue reading

In China has opened an unusual hotel Sheraton Huzhou

In a rapidly developing Chinese city of Huzhou, which is located a few kilometers from Shanghai, the other day, a solemn opening of the Sheraton Huzhou. According to the MA Ansongo architect who designed the hotel project, Sheraton Huzhou is the most luxurious hot springs resort not only in China but throughout the world. In appearance the building resembles a donut, ring or horseshoe.

The hotel is located on the shores of lake Taihu. Luxurious 27-storey hotel comprises over 300 comfortable rooms. The hotel has 44 unique designed Deluxe rooms and 33 villas for wealthy tourists. The main highlight of the hotel is the lobby ceiling, which is decorated with real Swarovski crystals. The total number of crystals is about 2000 pieces.

Particularly striking is the unusual design of the complex, which has a futuristic appearance. In the evening and at night the hotel is transformed, the distance from the hotel to the donut resembles the bright moon. The hotel does look very bright and effective. It should be noted that the hotel is decorated with the most expensive stones in the world. All the chandeliers in the hotel are made of natural crystal. The floor is covered with expensive Afghan white jade and Brazilian stones “tiger eye”. Continue reading

The most famous Barcelona hotels
Every year many travelers from all over the world come to Barcelona to experience the culture, history and traditions of this wonderful city. Barcelona – the city really is not…

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Unusual hotels of the world
The hotel is often not the most memorable place in the world. Even if the service is quite good and the interior pleasant, the hotel room is perceived as a…


The hotel "Karo" in Dzhemete
The hotel "Karo" is located on the first line of the Pioneer Avenue of the city-resort Anapa. Modern four-storey building is located away from the bustle of the main streets…