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Unusual hotel in the Netherlands

Absolutely awesome hotel in Holland, which I found by accident: just asked in the booking find a hotel in Arnhem with the highest rating and went to him. Well we sat down and went to celebrate Halloween at the same time happy birthday to a member of our fun company.

In short, a house on the water (on the Rhine, Yes, Yes, the same, and it flows in the Netherlands and, as the boss said, it’s your fault that the water is dirty), and at the same time, the house in Tuscany Italy, as he powerfully and with great banter under it is styled.

And who will not go a cat – much to lose)

When you get close to home, we first see that a modest but promising sign. Looking forward to?

And then a car with a wooden bumper. Aesthetically pleasing.

And find yourself in the garden of Eden. Name of garden:

All in the garden!

Yard interior)

In the garden are trailers. Most interesting is that they also give up and have a huge demand.

And that’s the bathroom. For those who are in trailers. And we – those distant on the alley to the hotel.

Go, go. Do not be afraid, all securely, and at night, the arches are lit with colored lanterns.

Oh. At the entrance of cat hole.

Let’s start with our room. Located on the 2nd floor. Is, in my opinion, Florence (the names can confuse). Is the ceiling.

Ibid., the view from one of the Windows.

Windows those distant much)

And here is the rookery.

Polkovnichi – free of charge.

Area cultural activities and meditation. The floor safe with a bundle of 500-Euro banknotes and coins. This is typical of Tuscany, and don’t say you didn’t know.

The door from our room to the kitchen.

And it is – shhhh! let’s look along the way! – the Holy of holies, the abode of the captain. Charming Dutchman named Ruud, who, in fact, everything is hooked up and created with my hands.

Here it is (photo from the Internet):

Shared kitchen on the 2nd floor. Tea, coffee , shall we dance for free. The dishes all have. Microwave. Plate.

The paintings on the walls are real. Here is an authentic Canaletto. Or Belotto. However, I always confuse them.

Chandeliers of Murano glass, imported on special order.

The library, but this. Vacuum cleaner too the early 19th century.

On the upper terrace. We sat half the night though was pretty cool. It is very great to wrap myself in a blanket, drink champagne and watch the ships.

Parrots are genuine. But there are disingenuous – for cats who can sit for hours and look at them. To break off: you pass by the second cell, someone sings, and believe me there are.

Also on the terrace. Pumpkin our. We always travel with our pumpkins.

Brush from Bezenchuk, not otherwise.

And this for dessert: suite (pronounced sweet and just sweet!) Venice. Oh, I forgot to write. In every room is a laptop. Too old, probably 19th century, because it is also covered with a patina.

Room in the main role takes the hanging bed on the chains. If it lie (as one of the two owner’s of cats who came from nowhere and went nowhere), it seems that the water is at the level of the bed. Awesome experience.

The other part of the Suite: a table for the morning meal. The food in fancy plates and kopanica on an exquisite wooden tray owner brings right into the room.

That’s the food. But kopanice all won.

And, Yes, the room has two levels. And then on the bed to climb?

Like this) is our girl, but fit, right?)

And in-house ship pitching sometimes charming, light but chandeliers and angels are swinging well.

How’s sleep.

Those who are interested in booking photos goraaazdo better than mine. And reviews.

Well, you can see prices (we paid 40 euros per person per night, Breakfast included, free wifi).

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