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The famous Claridge’s hotel in London

If you always wondered what would happen if the Christmas elves will change his style and instead of red-green costumes to dress up in something sophisticated, Dolce & Gabbana are the people who can answer it. Ten fashionable fairies in black armor nailed to two o’clock in the hotel Claridge straight from Milan specifically to prepare her for the holiday season. Of course, they came not with empty hands, but with a truckload of decorations. Like last year, the installation and the traditional decoration of the Christmas tree rests on the shoulders of the team Dolce & Gabbana, and no one can accuse them of bad faith.

This is not the first time the management of the hotel Claridge welcomes its favorite designers to create the distinctive style of wood that will become the center of celebration and a place of attraction for the many views, the center of the mood, where everyone can feel that there comes a time of miracles and magic.

A five-star hotel, which is located in the heart of London, on the corner of brook street and Davies street in the Mayfair area every year celebrates the coming of Christmas in a special way, combining the glamour and sophisticated style, so everyone can feel the magic happening. The hotel is in walking distance from the chic shops of bond street and razlichayushchiesya galleries, so anyone who stays in London, especially in these days that pass in anticipation of the holiday, may deem necessary to stay there.


This year the team Dolce & Gabbana did their best to make the tree a work of art. Like any magic, the decoration of the eating place at night, in many ways, and in order not to disturb guests. Fairies team Dolce & Gabbana have brought three hundred glass balls that were made by craftsmen in the town of Bellagio on lake Coma in Italy. Each one is hand-painted in Milan and each of them has a picture of the flag of one of the world powers – the designers say it is done to ensure that everyone could feel the unity and involvement of each of the cultures of different countries. Each of these glass balls decorated with a wide gold ribbon. The action began at half past ten in the evening, and some guests took the opportunity and directed this fascinating, favorite childhood process on the phone.

Ate height of eight meters – just imagine what huge and beautiful tree. His garland has more than nine thousand of lights that adorn about four hundred fur-tree branches. Beneath him are figures animated forest animals that create a special atmosphere: four deer, Christmas has traditionally been a mandatory attribute and four rabbits and two squirrels.


Overall solemn outfit eat looks like the logical embodiment of the theme of the Dolce & Gabbana autumn/winter this year’s “Enchanted forest”. The symbol of the coming of Christmas is dedicated to world culture and allows everyone to once again plunge into the atmosphere of childhood and magic.

The fashion Duo designers said that Christmas is the happiest time of the year. They created the design for her eat, thinking of an enchanted forest where reality meets magic, as it always happens, when there comes this wonderful holiday. Ate special ornament balls handmade helps to feel love for Italian craftsmanship perhaps difficult to find a more exquisitely made jewelry.


The highlight of the magic of the hotel decor was a red throne with hanging on it the crown, which stands next to the tree. He draped jewel-encrusted coat, which is part of the collection of Dolce & Gabbana this season, which you can see in all the shop Windows this company. The symbol of the new collection is the Norman invasion of Sicily when Sicilian kings were forced to flee to save his life.


Early in the morning the tree was also decorated with artificial snow. You should have seen what the children’s surprise and delight were written on the faces of our guests and in the morning they went to Breakfast and a luxury tree can hardly leave anyone indifferent. The staff and the hotel management expressed their admiration for the magic tree that transformed their lives, and said that this year he is as charming and beautiful as last time.


One of the first celebrities, don’t miss the chance to be photographed in such luxury, has become a popular Australian singer Kylie Minogue. She arrived at the party, which was organized by the hotel, wearing a dress by Dolce & Gabbana in traditional red and white colors of the holiday.

CEO of Claridge was pleased with the effect and said that it is always nice to see impressive work of famous fashion designers. He couldn’t help noting that his hotel, and Dolce & Gabbana supports traditional family values, perfectly combining it with an innovative spirit. Each of these components is particularly important when there is nothing before Christmas.

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