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The oldest hotels in the world

The first hotels appeared in ancient times when people began to travel for trade or entertainment. For the reception of such travelers, enterprising people began to open Inns, eventually turning into the hotel. Unfortunately, most of these ancient hotels have not survived – they were destroyed or turned into museums. However, the world still has of the hotel, whose history dates back several centuries.

Hoshi Ryokan, Japan

According to the Guinness Book of records, Hoshi is the oldest hotel in the world. It is located on Honshu island, next to the old town Komatsu already since 717 ad. At the time there was not even Moscow, to say nothing of the majority of the cities that are now considered vintage.

Hotel Hoshi

Hotel Hoshi is still a Ryokan – traditional Japanese hotel. Partitions between rooms and the corridor here is made of paper, furniture in the room virtually no, to sleep on the floor on a special mattress, and each room has a table for tea ceremonies. Bathroom the hotel also not provided – all are washed in a common bath. In addition, the hotel Hoshi can be a good idea to restore health and improve strength in the healing hot springs.

By the way, the hotel Hoshi all 1300 years of existence, vladeltsa family during this time changed her 46 generations. In addition to the usual rooms in traditional Japanese style, there is a special “guest mansion” in the style of Hokuriku. The hotel also has several baths and thermal springs, open or closed.

If we talk about the kitchen, then the bathrooms in the hotel are fed according to their whims – you can even cook a vegetarian dish, though the dish is especially for your diet.

The cost of a night in a hotel is about $ 350, including Breakfast and dinner.

Luna Baglioni, Italy

This is the oldest hotel in Venice was founded in the XII century. According to the found documents, in 1118 here before the Crusades was the knights Templar.

The interior is decorated with works by the artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, and in 1992 the building was renovated, returned him to the original historic appearance and charm. Here a frequent stop for Hollywood stars, politicians and other famous personalities. The hotel even has a private dock, boats and gondolas can take visitors directly to the entrance.

The hotel is famous for its refined cuisine – located on site elegant restaurant, awarded several prestigious awards. Here the chef masterfully prepares not only meals, but also restores old recipes. In addition, the cellars are kept at great wines from around the world.

Overnight at the hotel will cost around 400 Euro with Breakfast.

The Hotel “Luna Baglioni”

Albergo del Sole al Pantheon Rome Italy

This Rome hotel has been running for nearly six centuries, from the year 1467. Even then, it has hosted famous politicians and artists, and the hotel itself has seen many events of the glorious Roman history. For the first time in official documents mention La Locanda (formerly known as hotel) is found in 1496. Then Rome came the Emperor Frederick III with his entourage of 13 people. They stopped in this hotel, which added to her fame.

In 1510 the owner has changed, and since then it has witnessed very turbulent times. The hotel has experienced three devastating floods, the looting of Rome by the army of Charles V and many other tragic events. In the XVI century, the hotel was purchased by the family Ruffini and renamed Locanda Del Sole. The hotel has acquired such a brilliant reputation that the street next to it called Vicolo del Sole.

Over the years, this hotel lived Nietzsche, Ludovico Ariosto, Jean-Paul Sartre, count Cagliostro and other famous personalities.

Overnight at the hotel will cost 520 euros with Breakfast.

The Hotel “Ye Olde Bell”

YeOldeBell, UK

The hotel came into existence in the sixteenth century. It was first mentioned in a letter to Ralph Thorsby, who stopped here on his way to London to relax. The hotel was struck by his hospitality and great environment, so she wrote to all my friends that they only stayed in this hotel.

The hotel became much more popular when between London and York began regular flights of mail-coaches. Then Ye Olde Bell has turned into the most famous place “of rest for weary travelers”, as written guides.

In the XIX century the hotel was purchased by George Clarke, an ardent lover of horses. Next to her he opened the stables, in which both can hold up to 120 animals.

In 40-ies of XX century, the hotel was often used by French and British studios for filming. In the 60-ies there was constantly stopped the rally Monte Carlo. In addition, the hotel lived Oliver reed, Charlie Chaplin, Joan Crawford and other celebrities.

Overnight at the hotel will cost 75 pounds from a British Breakfast.

The Hotel “Chateau Du Domaine St. Martin”

Chateau Du Domaine St. Martin, France

This five-star hotel located in the medieval white castle, is a heritage of the knights of the Middle ages. According to the legend, in the territory of the castle is hidden the real treasure of the knights Templar. The castle is located in Provence, at a distance of 12 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea and 20 minutes drive from nice.

Once upon a time this castle was a fortification built by the Romans, but they preserved only the suspension bridge but the door. In 1115, the castle was transferred to the Provencal order of the knights Templar. Established there a monastery in honour of the French Saint Martin of tours-merciful.

After the knights Templar was dissolved, the castle several times changed hands, until then, until it became a hotel. By the way, in the contract of sale States that if the castle will be found a treasure, it should be divided equitably, and that was the reason for the rumors about the treasure of the Templars.

The whole interior is designed in the authentic style: tapestries, antique furniture, paintings of the XVIII century, porcelain articles, etc. Around the hotel is home to an olive grove, with its famous Provencal olives, so the hotel makes its own olive oil. And the hotel restaurant La Commanderie has one Michelin star, so the quality of the dishes prepared there can vouch.

One night in hotel with Breakfast will cost 360 euros.

Hotel “Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock”

RadissonBluSchwarzerBock, Germany

This five-star hotel located in Wiesbaden, is the oldest hotel in Germany – it was first mentioned in documents in 1486. At the time the building was occupied by the baths, however, their owner almost immediately turned the bath in the hotel, where, however, it was possible to improve their health. Then in Wiesbaden, lived only a few dozen people, but the healing waters of this town became famous throughout Europe, so that here began to move guests from all over Europe. Then, the hotel became popular. Once stayed here, even Goethe.

One night in the hotel will cost about 600 euros with Breakfast.

The hotel “Gamirasu cave hotel”

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

This hotel is located in the Cappadocia region of Central Turkey. In the VIII century there was a monastery, and later in the underground cells of the monks opened the hotel. This hotel is very well fit into the surrounding landscape, though there were offered all the amenities.

Anyone can feel ascetic monks for them at the hotel intentionally left cold rooms with stone furniture. Lovers comfort is also worth to check in rooms with fireplaces and modern furniture.

On the walls of this hotel, by the way, the frescoes of age, more than a thousand years, what makes the hotel truly unique.

To remove ascetic room for two for $ 90, but the modern room would cost at five hundred. The room rate includes milk, honey and apricots.

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