The legendary Plaza hotel in new York
In new York after three-year restoration re-opened the legendary Plaza Hotel, which is one of the architectural treasures of the United States. The most famous hotel in the world, one…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
For many people, the hotel is only a place to sleep. But in the world there are hotels that are themselves of interest to travelers. A dozen of the most…

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Atlantik hotel: history and modernity

Hamburg Sankt-Georg o In Hamburg on the banks of the Alster among the expensive shops and luxurious villas there is a huge white building. This is the famous Atlantic hotel, which was built in the boom era of transatlantic travel.The hotel was built for visitors of the first class. At the beginning of the 20th century, Hamburg was the largest transport hub on the way to America. Here almost every day went elegant transatlantic liners on the route Hamburg – new York.

“Atlantic”, built by the project of Friedrich Vellerman and Paul frolich, was inaugurated on 2 may 1909. From the first days of robots, the building was brought to its owners is just crazy income. Among aristocrats and the rich has become fashionable to stay in “the Atlantic” before leaving for the USA. This popular hotel has gained not only due to its convenient location, spacious rooms and perfect service. Here opened one of the best German restaurants under the guidance of legendary chef Franz Pfordte.

According to contemporaries, the chef loved to personally communicate with visitors and interested in their opinion about cooking. However, the criticism he perceived quite painful. One day, when one of the guests said that the food is great, but the portions are very small,Pfordte replied with dignity: “My dishes are not in order they were eaten. Each serving is designed to ensure that you enjoy the refinement.”

The economic crisis of 30-ies of the last century was reflected in “the Atlantic”. The hotel survived only by the most loyal of guests, which didn’t change their habits. During the Second world war, the hotel continued to operate. The hotel staff made every effort to maintain steady and prosperous way of life. Only the restaurant on the first menu page there was an inscription: “the Probability of an air RAID compels us to ask to pay the bill immediately after ordering”.

During one of such raids in 1943 was a fire in the roof of the hotel, but it was quickly extinguished. More damage during the war years, Atlantic has not received, and after the war he became a club located in Hamburg British officers.

The second life of the hotel began in 1957, when it was purchased by Kempinski, turning the building into a five-star hotel of its network. Whatever that means again often visited by famous guests, opened new restaurants, while the rooms became more luxurious.

In 1996, the hotel has removed an episode of the film about James bond “Tomorrow never dies”. 007 to escape from his pursuers, climbs to the roof of the hotel right next to the famous Atlantic signs. At this point, the audience appears stunning beauty of the panoramic views of Hamburg. After the release of the film “Atlantic” became the object of pilgrimage for fans of the James bond series.

Every winter the hotel runs the main event of high life of the city – “Dance above the clouds”. Stars, businessmen and politicians drink collectible wines, sample delicious desserts and listening to popular musicians. Now nobody is in a hurry for a flight to new York: the modern Atlantic – not a staging post and a place where you want to stay longer.

Most unusual hotels in Istanbul: the new attractions of the city
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