Danubius Grand hotel Margitsziget Budapest
4-star chief antique Grand Margitsziget Hotel (Grand Hotel Margitsziget), located in the heart of Budapest, in the Northern part of Margaret island, was updated in 2000, the Wealth of medical…

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Hotel of the week: Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles
Once a week we tell you about the hotels from around the world that we just like. These hotels have it all: impeccable service, homely coziness, delicious food, extraordinary service,…

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Holidays abroad traveller reviews best hotels in the world

Travel portal Dreamvoyage created in the name and to help those who can not imagine my life without new impressions and discoveries. We love to travel and learn new countries, cities and resorts in the world! And I really hope that you will share our passion for uncharted corners of our beautiful planet.

And we believe that the best sections of our site – world Countries, world Capitals, Cities and megacities, Best resorts in the world, Attractions world Palaces and castles of Europe and Reviews from the Internet will become for you a kind of “Handbook”, if you are planning to spend your holidays abroad .

In the bulk section of our site contains numerous reviews of tourists. In recent years, the desire to assess in advance the future conduct of long-awaited vacation has become a good tradition, which is shared by all who prefer to holiday abroad, without unnecessary surprises.

Therefore, experienced travelers consider it their unofficial duty to look into the section “reviews” and leave a kind parting word to future travelers. To admit that we ourselves are chenresie that the reviews will be useful for you, if you want to plan your vacation independently.

On our website you will find almost all world countries and Europe, most beautiful world capitals, famous cities of the world – from the tiny to the modern mega-cities with populations in the tens of millions of people. In the countries of the world section presents detailed information about the geography, climate, customs and culture of most of the different States of our planet, information about attractions and features of tourism activities.

Section “countries of the world” will help you to choose a certain direction a future stay, depending on your personal preferences and interests, whether exotic resorts of the world, castles, ruins or ancient cities in the world . the medieval city or capital of Europe. The most famous city the world has seen a lot in his lifetime. Today you have the opportunity to join the foreign culture, way of thinking and understanding life, which so often differs from that adopted us.

All the resorts in the world . which on our planet countless multitude, are divided only into four groups: seaside resorts, where the main role is played by sun and sea (or the ocean); the ski resorts of the world, which are popular among those who choose or luxury holidays abroad, or an extreme sports; mountain resorts of the world, where, as a rule, the most comfortable and “eco-friendly” hotels in the world; and, finally, the world’s resorts.

What holiday do you prefer, what cities or countries will be of interest to you which hotels in the world you choose – to decide, of course, not us. But we will be glad, if section best world resorts will be useful to you. We strive to ensure that the information provided there is exceptionally unique – it cannot be found in any other corner of the web.

Oh, and don’t forget to jump around in the reviews left by readers of our website – for which they kowtow and all sorts of gratitude!

A unique section of the site the world’s best hotels is a unique collection of world history, luxury, wealth, modern technology and building trends of the world. The most expensive hotels world, unusual hotels of the world, finally, is the best hotels in the world . They, as living witnesses of European history and culture, Eastern wisdom and infinite love for luxury, exotic island, American comfort, and indeed the development of world tourism.

Ukraine is a beautiful and fascinating country in South-East Europe. It has not only the largest territory, but also beautiful nature and a very developed culture, rich folk traditions, such as original wedding scenario with bride and holding koleduvane on Christmas eve.

Sights of the world section is dedicated to outstanding architectural constructions, monuments of all times and peoples, and some of the most brilliant natural attractions of our planet. You will find all the information you need about the attractions of Italy (for example, the Colosseum. the Duomo Cathedral. “The last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. fairytale Venice – the city of gondolas and carnival masks ), France, Germany, Morocco, Sri Lanka and many other countries.

Section sights of the world updated weekly with new unique content and articles. I hope that you will find something interesting and unknown on our website.

new section of our site palaces and castles in Europe dedicated to the most beautiful and most visited castles in the world. It just so happened historically that all of us are attracted to something mysterious, covered with centuries-old legends and filled with dramatic events. Maybe that’s why the interest in medieval castles and palaces and later (and more luxurious) buildings are ever present.

The leading countries of the world and Europe, once making a bet on tourism development, surely include the palaces and castles in a list of their major attractions. And we are pleased and childlike curiosity visited the beautiful castles of Germany. romantic castles of the Loire valley. gloomy castles of Scotland and old castles of great Britain, medieval castles and well-known palaces of St. Petersburg and, of course, the palaces of the Crimea.

Visit our palaces and castles of Europe . perhaps you will discover a lot of interesting. For publicity

The legendary pulled up to the hotel "Palace"
A symbol of prestige and comfort, the famous hotel Ritz on the place vendôme in the French capital, was closed for renovation. It should last for two years and will…

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The new Spa at Hotel du Palais
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TOP 5. Tourist places haunted
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