The Hotel Majestic Roma, designed by the famous architect of the late XIX century, Gaetano Koch, opened in 1889. He became the first hotel located on Via Veneto, so all…

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The famous hotel "Watergate" has found its buyer
European investment firm Euro Capital Partners bought for $ 45 million famous Washington hotel "Watergate", associated with the scandalous history of the campaign of U.S. President Richard Nixon, said on…

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TOP 5. Tourist places haunted

Ghosts – a great advertisement for provincial hotels which cannot offer anything but local “babajki”. The Ghost stories of sin and renowned hotel, and a favorite place of ghosts are considered to be ancient castles.

The ruins of Golshany castle, Belarus

Now the once beautiful castle was in ruins. According to local residents, for over four centuries in ruins inhabited by two ghosts – the Black Monk and the White lady. During the life of the Black Monk was a young man, who fell in love with the young wife of tycoon Golshany. Jealous husband decided to eliminate his opponent in the violent traditions of the time: lover of Golshany penny immured in the basement of the castle.

A similar fate befell the White Lady, who was wife of one of the builders of the castle in Golshany. During the construction of the fortress walls on one side permanently destroyed, the builders blamed it on the pranks of evil spirits, who need blood sacrifice. Powers, the Council, the architects decided to sacrifice one of their wives – the one that first bring lunch to her husband. The poor girl walled up, the spirits have mercy – the wall never fell.

Edinburgh castle, Scotland

The Edinburgh castle is a wonderful example of castle architecture. Tourists visit Edinburgh castle in order to admire the very special architecture and history. Fans to tickle nerves also not abrogational ancient fortress, in which, according to urban legends, is home to many ghosts.

In the castle mostly inhabited by the ghosts of commoners, and the most famous of them are musicians, a headless drummer and a Piper spirit. Poltergeist the drummer is published only when the Edinburgh is in danger, but Piper wanders the dungeons of the castle quite often tourists say that over the tunnels of the castle sometimes carried the sound of bagpipes.

In the mountains of Colorado located hotel “Stanley”, which became the prototype of the sinister the overlook hotel from the novel by Stephen king. It is in the walls of the hotel “Stanley” King of Terrors drew inspiration to create one of his best stories. Guests and hotel staff say that occasionally I hear a child’s laugh, a strange noise and shouting. Particularly impressionable person swear that they saw ghosts. Even Stephen king says the fans that saw the poltergeist of a young child.

In small rooms of hotels is a lot of strange events – people die, are born, suffer or indulge in debauchery. Sinister room – “chip” of any hotel. Room 407 is the most unusual room “Stanley”, which has found its resting place the Ghost of Lord Dunraven, the owner of the land on which the hotel is erected. Antics of the Ghost is quite harmless – he’s hiding things guests or pulling blankets off beds.

The Hotel “Fairmont Banff Springs,” Canada

Canadian brother “Stanley”, hotel “Banff” also scares the guests clanking dishes, sinister screams and terrible crying baby. As in any hotel with ghosts, “Fairmont Banff Springs” has his own damn room – room 873. Urban legends say that at night in the room heard the baby crying and in the morning on the walls you can discover the imprints of small hands.

Room No. 873 so frightened guests that many years ago her tightly walled. However, even being on the eighth floor of the hotel creates a sinister impression (if the tourists are pre-revered horror stories about hotel “Banff”). Now the hotel attracts the tourists with exquisite architecture and beauty of National Park of Canada.

“Home Ghost” Ye Olde Man and Scythe is the Great Stanley, who was Earl James Stanley. The unfortunate Earl was executed right at the door of the pub, and beer is stored in the a stool, on which James was sitting in the waiting penalty. Over the past centuries the Ghost of the Great Stanley likes to drop in to the pub for a mug of cold ale.

The rooms at hotel Moscow, the MARRIOTT Royal Aurora
The rooms at hotel Moscow, the MARRIOTT Royal Aurora individually designed and offer all amenities for business travelers and for those who came to see the world famous sights of…

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Hotel Bernini Bristol
Luxury historic hotel built in 1870 in the area of the Horti Sallustiani, known for its magnificent gardens. The Windows offer a view of the famous fountain of Triton, created…


The legendary Plaza hotel in new York
In new York after three-year restoration re-opened the legendary Plaza Hotel, which is one of the architectural treasures of the United States. The most famous hotel in the world, one…