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Hotel J. K. Firenze
Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 7, 50123 Florence, Italy Florence knows no shortage of high-end hotels. Villas and mansions left the city a legacy of the Medici Golden age and,…

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Hotel J. K. Firenze

Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 7, 50123 Florence, Italy

Florence knows no shortage of high-end hotels. Villas and mansions left the city a legacy of the Medici Golden age and, over time, transformed into large and small hotels, provide a wide range of lovers of classical Florentine style, Carrara marble, Murano glass and wall paintings of the Renaissance.

J. K. Place Firenze, although located in one of the small historic buildings on Piazza Santa Maria Novella, refers to a completely different generation of hotels and is a standout.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Florence, the cultural capital of the Italian Renaissance, where, under the enlightened patronage of the Medici family gathered the best minds and brilliant talents of his time, and in our days keeps the brand. It is Florence and not Milan, as is commonly believed, is the birthplace of the most famous Italian designers, the favorites of the modern world of fashion.

The hotel J. K. Place, despite its almost toy size (only 20 rooms), plays a significant role in the life of Florence thanks to the friendly and partner relations with art galleries, renowned Florentine fashion houses, design companies, fashion shops. JK and myself in nicotinamide is a work of modern Italian design art -a small elegant boutique hotel in ideal performance.

You won’t find J. K. Place in the pompous halls, ancient frescos and gilded cherubs hovering near the ceiling. Modern, cozy and elegant setting of the hotel more like a private residence than a hotel in the usual sense. Here it is easy to feel at home, if only to make the assumption that every detail of this home designed by a top designer. There is a library, living rooms, dining room – all in a private home. It offers anytime of the day in the dining room served a small snack bar with drinks and snacks (it can be used at no additional cost).

J. K. Lounge is one of the prestigious and fashionable places in Florence, attracting an elegant crowd of both local and guest. People come here for business Lunches, aperitifs or dinner in a luxury Florentine atmosphere, give back to interview movie stars and celebrities.

If Florence sets you in a romantic mood, I recommend you book the Penthouse Suite. Like all rooms in the hotel, it is relatively small, but the bathroom is in the tower top floor, with terrace and panoramic views on all four sides – on the roof of a historic building and the famous dome of the Duomo is a charming and unusual addition that will remain in the memory for sure.

The hotel J. K. Place there are not less pleasant than himself, relatives: J. K. Place Capri and is a fresh addition to the collection is the newly opened J. K. Place Roma. Read about them in other articles on this site.

I draw your attention that due to a small number of rooms and high demand for hotels, J. K. book them in advance is a good idea. Especially if we are talking about J. K. Place Capri.

Number of rooms: 20

Opening date: 2003 year

Season: all year round

In the hotel:

Bicycle rental

Fitness centre

The restaurant


If you book a Hotel J. K. Place Firenze with my help, you will get with my compliments and at no extra charge:

The Status Of V. I. P.

Upgrade of room on arrival (if higher category rooms are available at the time of your registration)

Daily Breakfast buffet for two

Lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant (once per stay)

A gift from the hotel

early check in/late check-out

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