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The new Spa at Hotel du Palais

The answer to the traditional question about where to go for vacation, looking for a short time. I can’t remember who first said: “Biarritz”.

— Biarritz? The hotel is lovely, it’s true. But first, we’ve been before. And secondly, what is there to do in the winter?

What to do in Biarritz in the winter? These last two centuries were interested not only outsiders, but also indigenous inhabitants of the French town near the Spanish border. Of course, you know that winter on the Bay of Biscay can not be called cold and snowy. Especially this year, when Moscow snow even on new year’s eve we had to search ad type “Grandfathers-Frosts with the guarantee of absolute sobriety.” However, bad time of the incident the rain or wind from the Atlantic is able to spoil the mood in the very pretty and the resort town. Once hotels all closed for the winter the key.

But in the new 2007 everything came together in a perfect way. It turned out that Hotel du Palais is a famous Palace built by Napoleon III for Empress Eugenie, opened the new building of the Spa. With a swimming pool. The basin area of the Atlantic ocean is about 92 million square kilometers — how many will add up to several hundred square meters pool on the beach. But will add, and pretty.

Previously, those who wanted to do something with her body and face were otpravlyatsya adjacent hotel Miramar, a famous thalassotherapy centre. However, it was located in a little too modern and interesting building, besides his fame turned around sometimes not the best side — people were drawn there from all ends of the earth, and talassotherapy no-no and would crash. And although the move from the hotel “Du Palais” to “Miramar” was a few minutes, everyone grumbled: “we Need to go out, to dress, to trudge. Now, if there could be walk right into the coat. ”

I admit that the thought of the robes, the shadows wandering the halls of the Napoleonic Palace, someone resisted. But resisting it was useless. In recent years the idea of self-care turned into a kind of religion, and the Spa in her temples. So to imagine without the luxury Spa soon to be quite difficult. Psychologists trying to explain the incredible Spa boom, they even say that modern man just need tactile contact. In the Spa you will knead, touch, grind, as a small child. You will feel important, unique, nurturing environment. And this, indeed, is true luxury in a world where we don’t have time to wait nor the fact that then a hug.

So, the hotel “Du Palais” said “Yes” to fluffy white bathrobes and the special Elevator at the end of the corridor that will take you directly to the Spa. A place for him find perfect — a building in which used to live the wait staff. Had to answer the question: what should be the Spa in one of the best hotels in France and the world? The hotel, which embodies palatial luxury and Royal honors?

And here the opinions differ. I know a lot of people who believe that the Spa at the ocean must be thalassotherapy — without compromise. The hotel “Du Palais” has decided otherwise. If you need algae and a pipe that pumps water from the ocean, go to the neighbors in the hotel, and there wrapped around you and will pour quickly, business-like, not too expensive and all the rules. Now if you want Royal treatment, delicate touch, super-expensive creams and unbelievable massages, you are here in the imperial spa.

Thalassotherapy — it’s still a medical procedure, although very pleasant. These are doctors, examination, analysis. It is ridiculous to do the same thing when we have it all nearby. With us you will not cure the spine, for example, but it will cure the soul, says hotel Director Jean-Marie Lambasa.— there is a chance to feel happy — and in our time this is the best therapy.

As a partner chose Guerlain is a legendary cosmetics brand. In fact, the history of “girl” without the history of Napoleon III the unthinkable. Napoleon gave Eugenia the wedding specially created for this event Eau de Cologne Imperial and bestowed “Guerlain” the title of Royal perfume house. Since then, the gilded bee has become a symbol of Guerlain. This bee entered into all the ornaments of the hotel “Du Palais”. If you ask, what procedures need to definitely try, you will be called Imperial massage. By the way, the Guerlain signature massage is a special know-how, method, point of touch, which many consider to be unsurpassed in cosmetology.

Leaving the Guerlain Imperial Spa was not limited to Royal honors to honors, but there is also fashion in Spa-reality. So we have a variety of Eastern massages: shiatsu massage to the soma, designed specifically for Spa hotel “Du Palais”. Massage soma I especially recommend the girls strictly in the performance of Alexis, inspirational young man with the appearance of Alain Delon and charged current hands. After this relaxing but strong massage with aromatic oil will be at least two days to feel weightless.

The Guerlain Spa there are now in Moscow, but so far only as “Du Palais” they coexist specialists Leonor Greyl, ready to do your hair. Famous Spanish stylist Leonor Greyl, created together with her husband, biologist full line of organic cosmetic products, often visiting Biarritz watch as are her mistresses. They work amazingly, and men account for almost most of their customers.

There appeared gym with the most fashionable trainer of the world power plate, which is based on small vibrations (supposedly 10 minutes on this machine to replace an hour of strength training), have a personal yoga and Pilates (no Royal honors in our time is unthinkable without the Eastern practices), have personal nutritionists and beauticians.

Opened a cafe overlooking the ocean, where after the massage you will be herbal teas and Ho-hos. On the walls hung portraits of celebrities ever to attend the hotel “Du Palais”, from Marlene Dietrich to Clark gable. Before these portraits of places in the hotel were not — as some thought, they have nothing to do with the solemn portraits of the Emperor and Empress.

By the way, the gastronomic restaurant “Du Palais” menu appears Fitness is also a tribute to fashion. The French give up the last healthy food. Of course, they resist the longest, menu and fitness here, of course, is relative, in the French style — of the four meals with a snack. But, in the end, it’s silly to come to France to lose weight. Here you need to pamper yourself, and that built all the local Spa and all the local philosophy.

Among Russian Biarritz became fashionable after they started to visit the great princes. There was everything what you need for this Russian Spa guests. First, the famous casino, so renowned in Russia that one of the systems winning bets is still called “Biarritz”. Secondly, on the donations of the Empress Maria Feodorovna was erected here the Russian Church, a typical Church of Christ the Savior in Biarritz scale still not lost even in a modern, growing city. Roulette is still thriving, “the Biarritz” his brings, the Church is not so successful. “Help us finish the restoration,— encourages the inscription, but only because she’ll know that the restoration started. Even the desperate congregation voted for the Church to be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church to Zurab Tsereteli has made it better still, in the manner of Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral.

So the Russian in Biarritz remain the hope of the civilized world. No one gives such a tip, no one is actually spending money with such pleasure as we do. The management of the hotel says that we are among the guests on the third place after the local neighborhood of the French and the Spaniards. And because the Spa is built on the income of the property, it is also our contribution. We continue to decorate Biarritz, just instead preferred to build temples fairly Spa. Now we will treat a soul there.

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