Hotels haunted
Not all people believe in ghosts, but whoever still believes that they exist, are divided into two groups: some of them are afraid, others are interested and don't mind to…

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In China has opened an unusual hotel Sheraton Huzhou
In a rapidly developing Chinese city of Huzhou, which is located a few kilometers from Shanghai, the other day, a solemn opening of the Sheraton Huzhou. According to the MA…

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The most luxurious hotels of the Crimea: Villa Elena, Villa Sofia, Respect-Hall hotel

The Crimea is one of the most popular tourist destinations for residents of Ukraine and CIS countries, are not uncommon in the Crimea and tourists from abroad. The best hotels of the Crimea are Yalta real estate .

Crimea is famous not only for its friendly climate, hot beaches and gentle sea: numerous hospitable hotels of the Crimea is ready to open its doors to any traveler, but only some of them have the right to be a proud VIP of the hotel, which gives them the ability to offer chic accommodation and quality service the first persons of our planet for fabulous sums.

Actually, according to experts of hotel service, to receive the coveted five stars is much easier than to meet the requirements of spoiled celebrities who require a room the size of a two-bedroom apartment (lush many kings of the middle ages would have died from envy after seeing these luxurious apartments) and with the best views of the scenic southern coast of Crimea. Among other things, it features stars of the world of politics, show business, media, printing, Finance and so on must be available, limousines, helicopters, saunas and rooms for Spa treatments, as well as the most delicious delicacies, well-trained wait staff, invisible,omnipresent and understands in an instant what it requires from them naughty celeb.

In Crimea there are three star hotels that are ready to fulfill any whim of the rich stars for a lot of money. (For example, the services of the SPA complex, anyone can make use of for 750 hryvnia per day).

Villa Elena

Villa Elena Villa Elena is one of the premium class, which is proud to offer the celebrity world luxurious five-room penthouse 255 sqm on walls hand-painted by eminent artists, and the furniture is made in the most expensive Italian workshops. If the interior of this elegant room is decorated with exquisite taste, his technical equipment meets the latest trends. Is it any wonder that, despite sky-high prices, there will always be those who wish to experience the hospitality of Villa Elena. Laima Vaikule, Yuri Antonov, Taisia Povaliy and even Jennifer Lopez have stayed at the Royal room.

If the celebrities love to live beautifully, and there they prefer the delicious and expensive. For example, in a restaurant, Villa Elena is the most luxurious and delicious is dish “canadian lobster”, which costs 1500 UAH. To it usually take a bottle of Petrus wine for 31 thousand hryvnias.

Villa Sofia is known not only by the fact that currently owns a popular and renowned singer of Sofia Rotaru, but also the fact that since 1897 is a favorite place for bathing residents and guests of the Sunny Crimea.

Villa Sofia

The complex Villa Sofia Villa Sofia is a small hotel with a dozen rooms in a sophisticated style. The cost of living in an elegant black and white room is $ 20 thousand hryvnia per day.

In the restaurant of the hotel serves dishes made from natural products grown on the plot complex. Chef of the restaurant, a native Italian, by the way, is famous for its signature dishes and techniques of cooking traditional Italian dishes the old technology.

A complete meal in this elegant restaurant will cost from 600 UAH.

Respect-Hall Hotel

17 thousand UAH is a room in the last of the list of the most luxurious hotels of Yalta, Respect Hall – Respect Hall. For this amount you will be able to live a day in a duplex penthouse on the 15th floor of the hotel. Available and a surcharge will be helicopter, yacht, two luxury premium class.

Naturally, you will also work a chic restaurant and five bars where you can drink a bottle of Hennessy for 64 thousand hryvnias. And to taste dishes, each of which is not cheaper than 350 USD.

An unusual hotel with giraffes
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Hotels haunted
Not all people believe in ghosts, but whoever still believes that they exist, are divided into two groups: some of them are afraid, others are interested and don't mind to…


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