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An unusual hotel with giraffes

Did you enjoy your dinner in hotel for those who enjoy giraffes? Moreover, these animals can look into the window of your room whenever you want. Such a miracle is possible only in an amazing place in Kenya called “Giraffe Manor”. This Villa once was a haven for cubs, the rarest endangered Rothschild giraffes. And today is a unique mini-hotel. host guests wishing to observe the long-necked animals, socialize them and learn a lot about the wildlife of Africa.

History Of Giraffe Manor

In 30-ies of the last century in the suburbs of Nairobi was built an ordinary family house, not differing from the rest. After 40 years the owners of the houses were Betty and Jock Leslie-Melville. Life goal of this couple was the preservation of rare breeds of giraffes. They were brought to the territory of the estate a couple of pups of these animals. In addition, Jock founded the African Fund for protection of wild animals, which is successfully working today, protecting many species from extinction.

The couple lived for many years with giraffes side by side, because the number of the lank at their Villa has steadily increased. The idea is to make your own home the hotel came to Betty in a few years after the death of her husband. She turned the Giraffe Manor in one of the most unique places on the planet that allows people to communicate with wild animals without fear and hatred.

What kind is it?

Girfirend are the tallest mammals on the planet. Adults reach a height of over 6 meters. On heads at them not two like normal giraffes, and five horns, and legs to the knees completely white. The impression that these giraffes wearing stylish stockings.

First described a rare species of Baron Walter Rothschild, a representative of the well-known in England the dynasty of bankers. Unlike their ancestors, Walter was passionate about nothing to do with economic Affairs, and Zoology. He conducted research in Kenya and found an unusual giraffes. Since then, the name of the Baron are all representatives described the type of long-necked. Today the Rothschild giraffe is almost gone in the wild, in the middle of last century this species was listed in the Red book. On Earth there are only a few hundred. But Giraffe Manor is just the most famous kennel, annually sending Rothschild giraffes in zoos of the world and almost the only one producing them in nature.

The hotel with giraffes

In the estate for visitors constantly have 10 rooms. All the rooms are decorated in luxurious colonial style, equipped with comfortable bathrooms, for families with children is luxury. At the same time it can host up to 25 people. All guests receive the bags of food for giraffes, so they at the right moment could treat animals their usual food. Yourself giraffes’t miss the opportunity to eat from the hands of tourists and gladly substitute their huge muzzles to be stroked.

The cost to stay in a hotel per day is around $ 500. The price includes meals, airport transfers and local excursions. But staying in a hotel is not necessary. Many who wish to communicate with giraffes, just order dinner at Giraffe Manor. In addition to giraffes, the manor is inhabited by antelope, warthogs and birds of various kinds.

Breakfast and dinner at the hotel coincide with the feeding time of giraffes. These animals are so often glance at the tables is offered in the hope of getting a treat. It has been arranged deliberately so that people never forgot that they, as wild animals are part of nature.

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