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How to travel fun: unusual hotels in the world

Hotels may be different, there is not only romantic and luxurious, but also unusual hotels . able to instill fear in their guests. Anyone who suffers from night terrors, or often feels nervous excitement, it would be better to advise to stay away from these terrible hotels. But for those who literally live by a thirst for thrills, in particular, dreams about encounters with the supernatural and mysterious, these hotels can be the the necessary adventure been searching for and waiting for. Just remember to lock the door, and keep a powerful flashlight next to the bed!

Tel unusual about of fear in Shanghai

At first glance, in the Shanghai hotel “Holiday Inn” there is nothing strange and terrible. But everything will change in the moment when you decide to take a dip in the hotel pool, because it will be like swimming in a new place. Glass pool bottom extends above the streets of the city at the height of 24 floors up! And all that will keep you from terrible nightmare of falling is a clear piece of reinforced glass, which seems just a thin partition, not able to save you from death. The pool length is 320 meters, 320 meters of fear and panic. “Yes, of course, Mr. architect, that was a great idea! Why not quit there yet and the alligator to trigger additional tremors? “

New refuge Gervasutti or

Amateurishly the hotel resembles a large metal tube, which is placed inside the room for human habitation. Pipe-the hotel is set in a horizontal position on the mountain Grand Jorass in the Alps at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level. Terrifying in such a accommodation is the fact that half of the tube hangs from a cliff, and the other half securely (hopefully) fixed in the rock. Imagine the sensations you experience when you pipe “gently” rocking from the gusts of wind, and what sounds are heard inside because of the howling of the storm outside! Scary and unusual hotel has opened in 2012 as a refuge for climbers. The space inside can accommodate 12 climbers, is fun about € 30 per day placement. Guests, overcoming his fears, can enjoy from your living room with incredible views of the glacier Fribouze. You can cook in the kitchen, eat in the dining room and to sleep on wooden planks. Recharge at the energy by solar panels. It cannot be denied that the accommodation is very well planned, and it would be nice if it were somewhere in a less dangerous place.

A fancy hotel, Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Massachusetts

One of the most famous unsolved murders of America happened in 1892. Wife Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered with an axe while sleeping. Suspicion fell on the daughter of Andrew, Lizzie was tried, but acquitted, although doubts about her innocence many have not disappeared. The house of the unfortunate family in fall river, Massachusetts, is currently a hotel, “bed and Breakfast”. In this terrible hotel is designed to cater for people wishing to tickle nerves, plunging into the details of this horrible history. At the hotel you can give detailed information about the ghostly phenomena that have been registered there. Guests can enjoy the “Breakfast Bordens”, which the family ate in the last day.

Terrible hotel in Akasaka, Weekly Mansion

This former Japanese ordinary residential building is frequently visited hotel in Tokyo. Claim that it is a very unusual hotel. Anyway, some guests reported that woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and watched the transparent pale phenomenon in the foot of the bed. In the bathroom hung a mysterious fog seeping inside from the vents. There was even one case where a woman told me that a Ghost dragged her by the hair across the room. How can you explain it? Answer: You can’t. Just horror.

Terrible hotel the Stanley Hotel, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel is considered to be a scary place only because here drew inspiration for his works of Stephen king.

At that time the hotel was practically empty, and the writer quite a long time lived in room 217.

Perhaps after reading this article about the terrible and unusual hotels someone decides to revise plans for my next trip.

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