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The most frightening and unusual hotels in the world.
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Hotel of the week: Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles

Once a week we tell you about the hotels from around the world that we just like. These hotels have it all: impeccable service, homely coziness, delicious food, extraordinary service, or famous guests.

At first glance, the hotel Bel-Air does not look very welcoming: its area is fenced by a high fence. However, it is one of the best hotels in Los Angeles, and the world-famous names of his regular guests confirm that there is nothing and no one will bother you.

The hotel was opened in 1946 in a still developing area of Beverly hills, but then the owners realized: for distinguished guests this hotel will be a unique refuge from the bustling city, at the same time, located close to the many attractions of Los Angeles.

Idea was a success, and the hotel became a favorite place of many celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Julia Roberts and others. Interesting is the fact that even the famous “Beatles” Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr didn’t know that at the same time stayed in the same hotel: the staff is so carefully preserved the privacy of their guests.

Privacy features were preserved partly through one of the innovations that now seems obvious: the guests to exit the room on Territoriya had to pass through the lobby (which was typical for many hotels back then), every room had its personal output by adding the guests privacy.

In October 2011 Bel-Air was opened after a big renovation, but remained unchanged high level of service and the colonial style building, still surrounded by a wall. The hotel promises that when you enter you will be amazed Swan lake and a beautiful garden. In fact, you will find a total of three Swan (sorry, we don’t know their names) in a small pond, but the garden is really impressive: its area is about 5 hectares and it was created with the opening of the hotel in 1946.

The 58 rooms and 45 suites are modern and stylish. There are no gold sinks or expensive paintings in the framework: all the interiors are very light and simple but at the same time done in style. The suites have their different design and style: there is a room at the Swan lake, Suite, grace Kelly, Presidential Suite with private pool. All rooms are equipped with modern electronic control systems, however, some guests believe that you need to be a chartered engineer to understand how to use them.

Spa facilities at the La Prarie Spa is one of the thirty best SPAS in the United States according to Forbes magazine, and the restaurant and bar is popular not only among residents, but among residents of Los Angeles.

From interesting services to note the provision of picnic baskets. So, if you suddenly want to properly explore the city or take a trip to the coast, you can book the hotel of special menus, which you will gather in a special picnic basket with all the necessary appliances.

But not so harmless in this seemingly Paradise. Because hotel guests are often public persona, be prepared for the fact that your privacy will be violated numerous security measures. So, one of the guests in my review on Tripadvisor noted that in neighboring Suite vacationing high-ranking politician, why in Windows they always saw security patrolling the area and one day, forbade them to leave your room. Some guests noted that despite the good service, the hotel lacks soul and personality. Well, we believe that individual approach is needed not only Hollywood stars, but also ordinary guests such as you and me. But if you suddenly want to feel like grace Kelly, you probably book the same Suite and we are sure that you will not be disappointed!

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