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The most unusual hotels in the world

Planning a trip to any country, the first item in the list is the issue of housing. But not all travellers will love the standard hotel, typical room service and continental Breakfast. No matter what, the trip really becomes more memorable when, and housing, chosen by you, contributes to the impressions received. Make your next trip brighter than any previous note on this list of 13 of the most unusual hotels in the world, which not only differ from ordinary hotels, but will be a worthwhile investment and effort.

Palacio de Sal, Uyuni Salt flats, Bolivia

It is better to stay away from this hotel, if you want to reduce your sodium intake. The entire building is constructed from pure salt, from walls to floor and furniture. Chalky-white huts blend in with the desert landscape ivory the Great salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni, which stretches into salty oblivion in all directions and provides an excellent platform for observations of starbursts. What to say: this is the land of salt, and huge quantities of salt.

Hotel de Glace, Canada

You don’t have to live in an Igloo to get the full canadian experience, although it probably would be very entertaining, but there are other options. Every year within a few months you can experience this sensation is considered the lifestyle of Inuit in the city of Quebec hotel constructed entirely of ice and snow. Even touch the cold bed frames in the hotel, where 500 tons of ice and 15 thousand tons of snow include high 5 meter ceilings and furniture with intricate carvings.

Desert Lotus Hotel, Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, China

The desert is the resonant sand gorge, is probably not the first place that you can think about planning a vacation. In winter temperatures are very low with frequent blizzards while summers bring hot, dry weather, causing huge sandstorms. However, these conditions – what makes the hotel Desert Lotus Hotel is so unique. Duplicate the white tiles of the hotel give the building the appearance of a flower revealing its petals over the desert. To cope with the permanent dunes, Lotus Hotel is supported by a steel skeleton anchored in the sand without water or concrete.

Tree houses in Kadir, Turkey

The idyllic Turquoise coast of Turkey at the end of pine valley is the village of Olympos, where the owners of the hotels specialize in different type of dwellings – tree houses. These simple wooden bungalows set among the branches, has long been popular among tourists, and this popularity continues unabated. Qadir, one of the original hotels, currently manages more than a hundred bungalows, and a few more huts and sleeping cases.

Adrere Amellal, Siwa, Egypt

In sixteen kilometers from the charming town of Siwa, lies Adrere Amellal hotel. Eco-housing overlooking lake Siwa, located at the foot of the mystical “White Mountain”, Adrere Amellal consists of 40 rooms, each decorated in the traditional style of the city, the walls made of salt stones, and used for roofs of Palma. The rooms are all unique and different in its design. The earthen buildings blend naturally with the landscape, and the furniture and furnishings pay tribute to the talented local artisans. Other features include ancient olive and palm groves, Roman sources, and a gourmet kitchen. Given the lack of electricity and phones, Adrere Amellal is in perfect harmony with the environment, and transmits this mood to its visitors. Torches, candles from beeswax and infinite stars illuminate this place, while old braziers warm the cool evenings.

Aydinli Cave House Hotel, Goreme, Turkey

Researchers who are in search of the disclosure an inner speleologist, can stay at Aydinli Cave House Hotel, which opened in 2008. Located high above the centre of the old village, in the heart of old Goreme, 14-room family hotel is carved from natural stone and traditional stone of Cappadocia. Rooms are decorated in natural, even mundane décor and are named after their place of origin. For example, a former storage room for food and content of pigeon nests, called Divanhorne or living room, offers original carvings, and a private terrace with the best view. Before studying Cappadocia, you can taste traditional Turkish Breakfast or enjoy panoramic views of Goreme and Rose Valley from the terrace on the hotel roof.
Earthship Biotecture, Tres Piedras, New Mexico

Before we abandon Earth for another planet, it would be useful to check out potential new digs. The Earthship project has been in development since 1960, and in 1997 opened environmentally sustainable houses for visitors and guests (for less than eternity). Made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials, “ground vehicles” recycle your own waste water, generating energy, and grow food. By the way, they are equipped with facilities that can hardly find space communication Wi-Fi and a TV.

Neemrana Fort-Palace, India

Despite the huge number of resorts with historical past, new Delhi has a truly unique hotel, beautiful where you are unlikely to find. Neemrana is a lively and energetic place for magical weekends, holidays, celebrations, and even conferences. This hotel is a 15-century-old historical heritage perfect for rethinking its present and even the creation of a particular past, aided by the wonderful location. All seven parts of the Palace have 12 stories going up to the top of the hill on which the hotel is located, while the garden covers 2.5 hectares. Hanging gardens, two pools, giving the impression closer to the horizon, an Ayurvedic Spa is only part of what makes this hotel one of the most unique and unusual not only in Delhi but throughout India.

Hang Nga “Crazy House”, Vietnam

With all the twists and turns, tree design and animal sculptures, the hotel Hang Nga Guesthouse, or lunar Villa, in the Vietnamese city of da lat is one of the most strangest places to sleep. The hotel is named in honor of its Creator, hang Viet nga, though later he earned the nickname “the madhouse” because of its strange design and a cave-like interior. The inspiration for this design was the desire of the architect to bring people back to nature and remind them about the need to appreciate and not to destroy the environment. Concrete building replete with rooms with animal themes, open balconies and garden sculptures. The architect took into consideration the works of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali in the planning of the building, and guests can stay in one of 10 rooms connected by stairs, bridges and tunnel passages.

Seaventures Rig Resort, mabul island, Malaysia

On top of the Coral triangle, one of the most picturesque places in the world for diving posted something like oil rigs. But actually this is not an environmental time bomb, and the hotel is a dream destination for avid scuba divers. The Elevator on this “rig” will take divers into the water, guiding them through the system of the reef and all dives are included in the price at this resort. Although not all the fun happens under water: the property boasts live music and barbecue evenings.

Kumbuk Hotel, Buttala, Sri Lanka

On the banks of the river Oja Kumbukkan stands a lone, slightly misshapen elephant. This odd eco-hotel built of grass and twigs, and slowly swinging in the wind, as befits a clumsy thick-skinned animal. Inside this two-storey building can accommodate up to 10 people. But these elephants can be spotted in the nearby wildlife reserve of Yala. Amazing surroundings, the river and local facilities including a range of chalets provide the ideal environment for tourists, offering a chance to get a unique experience.

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

This Chilean hotel is located in a mountain formed in the shape of a volcano. Fortunately, the top spreads not lava and water flows, as at the top of the falls. For many years the water washed rocks “volcano”, and now he is so covered with vegetation that blends into the forest background. To get to the buildings will have to cross a monkey bridge, which in itself is an adventure. All 9 rooms are equipped with modern amenities and large Windows, and each has a special name in honor of one of the local species of birds.

Unbalance Hotel, Peru

Architects are constantly creating strange buildings, and in the future the list of unusual hotels certainly added another Peruvian Hotel Unbalance. Leaning precariously over the edge of a cliff, the Unbalance hotel will be one of the most unusual places for citizens and tourists in Lima, Peru. Designed by Madrid firm, the building is literally hanging on a cliff over the Pacific ocean. So as not to obscure your views of the ocean from the cliffs of Lima, the hotel will be implemented with a hollow Central part. According to the architects, the problem of the construction of this hotel is not in the absence of equilibrium, as it will be optical illusion, but in the landscape of the area. According to preliminary data, the hotel will have a capacity of 125 rooms and facilities that will be used as exhibition halls, restaurants and meeting rooms.

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