Hotel of the week: Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles
Once a week we tell you about the hotels from around the world that we just like. These hotels have it all: impeccable service, homely coziness, delicious food, extraordinary service,…

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Hotels in Istanbul with Bosphorus view
What could be more desirable when choosing accommodation in Istanbul how to live in a place, whose Windows offer views of the Bosphorus. And Istanbul hotels can offer, but the…

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Hotels haunted

Not all people believe in ghosts, but whoever still believes that they exist, are divided into two groups: some of them are afraid, others are interested and don’t mind to encounter something otherworldly. Forbes Traveler offers a list of hotels where the Braves have a chance to get acquainted with ghosts.

Hotel del Coronado (California, USA)

Thanksgiving 1800s, Kate Morgan went to meet her husband at the Hotel del Coronado. He never appeared, and the Kate body was found on the steps leading from the hotel to the ocean. Not known whether she was murdered or committed suicide, but the room 3327, where she stayed say that they heard strange noises and felt the presence of a Ghost.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast (Massachusetts, USA)

In 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home. In the suspected murder of their daughter Lizzie, but she was not found guilty, and the case remained unsolved. Now in this house hotel, and guests say they hear children’s laughter or see a vague image of a girls face in my photos.

Rumor has it that the hotel is occupied by several spirits, but the most famous one is the Ghost of the first owner of the hotel F. O. Stanley and his wife Flora. When-toone entertained guests by playing the piano and the staff occasionally hears the sounds of music or piano moving, which cease when they enter the room.

Crescent Hotel holds many mysterious stories. One of them is associated with a work, who was involved in the construction of the hotel. He died in room 218 and many of postality were later seen how his hands appeared in the mirror in the bathroom and suddenly slammed the door.

The Hay-Adams Hotel (Washington, D.C., USA)

When Henry Adams was finishing the construction of his house on Lafayette square, his wife clover committed suicide. She suffered from depression and had recently lost his father, some still believed that the woman was killed. The staff often hears the sound reminiscent of a woman crying, which grow in December (it was at this time clover died).

Jekyll Island Club Hotel (GA, USA)

Each morning railroad magnate Samuel Spencer was drinking coffee and reading the paper at the hunt club. In 1906 he was killed in a train accident. Since then, guests and members of the club, existing to this day, more than once noticed that their newspaper was moved, but their coffee someone drank.

Hotel Monteleone (La, USA)

In the early 19th century, Josephine and Jacques Beser stayed at this hotel in New Orleans and left their son with a babysitter. When they returned to the hotel, one of the horses became frightened, Jacques flew out of the carriage and died. During the year died and Josephine. Visitors to the hotel claim to have seen their son Maurice, of the vagus on the 14th floor in search of their parents.

Hotel El Convento (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

When the husband of Donna Ana was killed in battle with the Dutch, she devoted her life to God and her home became a monastery. Today this place is built the hotel El Convento, whose guests sometimes see the Donna Ana, strolling in the lobby reading the prayers.

Shieldhill Castle (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Those who stayed in, often tell stories about “the Gray Lady” that walks through the halls of the castle Shieldhill. She is considered the daughter of the family who owned the house until 1950-ies. She fell in love with one of the servants, and since father forbade her to marry him, she committed suicide.

Toftaholm Herrgrd (Toftaholm, Sweden)

When the lakeside hotel Weastern was a private house, a peasant boy fell in love with the daughter of a Baron. The Baron, however, their feelings did not approve and forced the daughter to marry another. On her wedding day hung himself in the bathroom, which is now room 324. They say his Ghost is still there.

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