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TOP 5. Tourist places haunted
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Alsace (region), many popular

The history of Alsace – fifteen centuries of conquest, occupation, and exemptions. This region was a bone of contention between Germany and France. Only in 1918, Alsace was definitively ceded to France. Mix of French and German culture, Alsace has gained its distinctive character, its pronounced individuality. Here, like in a fairy tale: the house of stone and wood, decorated with bright colors, Catholic churches, splashing fountains, winding streets of villages, castles, wine cellars, storks on the roofs, dilapidated castles, mountain landscapes with vineyards. Alsace cherishes the old traditions and legends. Here on the famous hill of Saint Odile, patron of Alsace, You will be able to witness the preserved grottoes mysterious forest priests of the druids and buildings of the Celtic age . This is one of the sacred places of Alsace, preserving the memory of the miraculous healing of the blind daughter of the Duke of Itingana (VII century), who founded a monastery here and later became the patron Saint of Alsace. This monastery is still a place of pilgrimage, and in the scenic foothills still has the key of water, which according to ancient belief the vision returns.

The influence of German culture is felt here in everything, especially in architecture gastronomy. This region is very tasty and distinctive cuisine . One of the popular local dishes is called “choucroute” and is a stew of sauerkraut with wine, potatoes and different varieties of sausages. The meal is certainly accompanied by excellent local wine.

The famous “Wine road” stretching over 100 miles along the Eastern slopes of the mountains. She passes through a small, very picturesque cities and villages of Alsace . Special glory of these wine places are excellent white wines “Riesling”, “Gewurztraminer”, “Silvaner” and “Muscat”.

Strasbourg (Strasbourg) – center of Alsace, “the capital of the United Europe” – a stunningly beautiful and well-preserved ancient city. The historic center of Strasbourg is on an island formed by the river Ill, which flows into the Rhine. The island is famous for its numerous historical monuments, among which the colossal Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame. This is the highest Church in Europe (142 M.), it was built not the full 300 years (1176-1439). The quarter “Petite France” with fortress towers is one of the most beautiful parts of Old Strasbourg. In Strasbourg he studied the famous Goethe. In 1949, Strasbourg became the seat of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

Near the Wine route is the town of Soultz (Soultz) . where is situated the ancestral castle of the barons of Dantes. It is from here in search of a happy fortune left the young Dantes and here after a duel in 1837 he returned, but not alone and with his wife, Ekaterina Goncharova, brilliant sister Natalie.

West of Strasbourg in the Vosges side is small but very picturesque town called Saverne (Saverne) . Saverne is surrounded by greenery, shaded by bewitching beauty of the Episcopal Palace, near which is a real miracle: rose garden Park, which grows about 7,000 roses of more than 450 varieties of this graceful creation of nature.

To the South of Saverne is a town Marlenheim (Marlenheim) and old farm of the peasant vintners on the North end of the “wine road” which passes through the city of Avolsheim (Avolsheim) . where in the early-Romanesque chapel of Saint-Ulric you can admire original frescoes, and then through Molsheim (Molsheim) with a Gothic Church of the Jesuits. In Molsheim Italian Bugatti produced the famous cars.

Near the town of sélestat (Selestat) are two of the charming village of ribeauvillé (Ribeauville) and Riquewihr (Riquewihr) . and on the top of the mountain fortress castle 0-Koenigsbourg (Hauf-Koenigsbourg) . the construction of which began in the first half of the XII century. Here everything is reminiscent of the legendary times of chivalry: the tower-the donjon, vaulted halls, thick walls with narrow loopholes of the eye sockets.

Further South in the Rhine valley is the town of Colmar (Colmar) with its old streets and ancient buildings. Along the city’s canals, spanned by narrow bridges, small sail boats, guided paddling gondoliers, so the city is called “little Venice”. In the city you can see the rare and priceless collection of Gothic painting and the Dominican Church, which is famous for depicting the Madonna in the arbour of roses, was created by Martin Shongauera. He lived in Colmar, the sculptor Bartholdi, the author of the famous Statue of Liberty. In the town of Vladimir Spivakov satisfied with its famous music festivals.

Alsace is in the heart of Europe. Just a few hours drive on excellent highways separated from Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Justifying the name of Strasbourg at the intersection . Alsace became a trading crossroads and one of the leading business centres in France and Europe. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, in Strasbourg are trade fairs on a European scale . as well as numerous exhibitions and salons . of interest to business and tourism from Russia.

Today, the Alsace centre of a United Europe, the symbol of freedom and independence.

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