Hotel J. K. Firenze
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Unusual hotels of the world
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10 exclusive hotels for those who want to retire from the world

Going on a trip, people usually choose not only a route and excursions, but the hotel where are staying. If you want to spend a holiday in unfamiliar surroundings, you should pay attention to one of the hotels on one room. After all, their guests are sure exclusive visitors.

1. Central Hotel – Copenhagen, Denmark

Central Hotel in Copenhagen.

Paying about $ 300 per night, visitors can enjoy a stay in the smallest hotel in the world. The size of the double rooms are only 2.4 x 3 meters, and this is the only room in the Central Hotel. The hotel is the size of 12 square meters is located directly above the “cafe Central Copenhagen” (interestingly, a cafe, where just 5 places, also can claim the title of the smallest cafes of Copenhagen.

2. Inkaterra Canopy Tree House – Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Built near the famous suspension bridges Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, the hotel is located at an altitude of 30 meters above the ground. This tree house has only one room with wooden floors and a roof of palm leaves. Also in the trees has a small suspension bridges for walking.

3. Everland – hotel chain across Europe

Everlandв one room.

Everland is a hotel consisting of only one room, where you can find a bathroom, a double bed and a living room. What is remarkable Everland, it’s the fact that established in the most unusual places, including on the roof of the Museum of contemporary art in Leipzig, Germany and on the roof of the Parisian Museum Palais de Tokyo (with a spectacular view of the Eiffel tower). Given the uniqueness of the hotel and stunning views from the Windows, the price for one night is € 333 on weekdays or € 444 on the weekend.

4. Room for London – London, England

A Room for London in London.

In 2012 on the rooftop of Queen Elizabeth Hall was built as a hotel ship in 1 room. Its unusual design was designed by the British architectural Studio David Kohn architects and artist Fiona Banner. Boat hotel copies the appearance of the boat of captain Joseph Conrad, described in the book “Heart of darkness”. From the Windows of mini-hotel offers beautiful views of the river Thames.

5. Eh’häusl (Wedding house) – Amberg, Germany

Width of one of the smallest hotels in the world is only 2.5 meters and its total area is 53 square meters. Despite such a small size, the only room in the hotel equipped with modern facilities, from plasma to a Spa. On the second floor is the living room, the third bedroom and on the loft bathroom. Accommodation in Eh’häusl will cost 240 Euro per day.

6. Cinderella Castle Suite – the room that money can’t buy

Cinderella Castle Suite in Florida.

This hotel is so exclusive that the number in it cannot be bought with money. Everyone send requests, and then using the draw select young Princess, who will be able to get into the story. Many visitors to Walt Disney World are not even aware of the existence of this apartment inside Cinderella’s castle. There’s a hidden Elevator that leads to a fabulous room with an area of 60 square meters. The room has two beds, worthy of a Queen, a sofa bed and an electric fireplace. The room originally was to be a apartment for Walt Disney, but he died before the opening of Walt Disney World.

7. The One Hotel Angkor, Cambodia

One Hotel in Cambodia.

In The One Hotel, only one room, but he is justly considered one of the most luxurious and unusual hotels in the world. French colonial mansion is not only private apartments but also a restaurant, Jacuzzi, lobby and terrace with pull out couch. It features a pair of stay includes a personal chef, masseuse, driver with car, personal guide, videographer, stylist and hair stylist.

8. CasAnus Hotel – Antwerp, Belgium

Hotel CasAnus straight from Belgium.

One of the most unusual hotels on this list looks like a huge rectum. Inside this ulcer anyone for 120 Euro can find two rooms, each room which has a double bed, a shower and heating. Lighting in the hotel no, but outside burning torch. CasAnus from the Windows offer beautiful views of the pond with swans.

9. Villa Cheminée – Cordele, France

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