Castles-hotels in France
The cost of individual and group excursions with professional guides. In France You can stay in real castles, equipped with the most modern requirements of hotel art. For example, You…

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Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort
The most prestigious hotel Grotta Giusti Natural SPA Resort is a hotels chain Small Luxury Hotels of the World. This Spa hotel complex is located in the ancient Villa of…

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Unusual hotels of the world

The hotel is often not the most memorable place in the world. Even if the service is quite good and the interior pleasant, the hotel room is perceived as a temporary shelter.

But the organizers of the hotels strongly disagree with this state of Affairs! In the fight for the attention of customers, they have to create more original ideas. And sometimes the results of their labors are really surprising.

Kakslauttanen (Finland) is different from the other ” ice ” hotels scale. “Snow” the restaurant is located inside a huge dome-the needle, and can contain fifteen hundred people. It is the largest ” ice ” restaurant on the planet. Sauna also is characterized by its monumentality: it can simultaneously bask more than 100 people!

Book lovers will surely be delighted with the Library Hotel (new York). Down with the usual “selling” books in paperback! Even while on vacation you can read a variety of books – scientific, artistic, and philosophical. Bookshelves are absolutely everywhere: in the rooms, in the corridors and in the living room.

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It happens that the hotel you like,but something it lacks? In Prague figured out how to solve this problem. Mіvenpick Hotel Prague consists of two buildings on different parts of the city. One is closer to the historical center, on the banks of the Vltava river. The second is located on the top of a hill among dense forest. Want to see the center of Prague, admire the sights and have a snack? Please. And then you can easily move to another building on the aerial tram-a cable car. The hotel has over 400 rooms, a fitness room, 2 restaurants and 2 bars.

Hotel Samode Palace is striking in its splendor. He looks more like a Palace than a hotel! The main attention was paid to creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. In each of 40 rooms has a balcony and a small garden. The restaurant is a long time to enjoy the most exquisite dishes, listening to the birds singing and the sound of water in the fountain.

The hotel “Crazy Bear” is intriguing only one name. And really, it’s absolutely “wrong” hotel! Here champagne pouring from the taps next to the bed… tub and walls – Teddy. Each room is designed in a certain color scheme. Mint room will refresh you and help give a feeling of freshness, and a small balcony where you can sunbathe. In the White room has a minimalist – geometric, simple, and no frills. The Black furniture of the room in the style of the eighteenth century, but some incredible way combined with modern details. The hotel’s restaurants and were twice winners of the international competition. Here you can enjoy Thai and European dishes.

Most expensive luxury hotels Japan
Japan is a developed and cultured country, which attracts a lot of tourists, Orientalists, investors, entrepreneurs, people in search of work and entertainment. Making tours to Japan. the Agency most…

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Danubius Grand hotel Margitsziget Budapest
4-star chief antique Grand Margitsziget Hotel (Grand Hotel Margitsziget), located in the heart of Budapest, in the Northern part of Margaret island, was updated in 2000, the Wealth of medical…


The most luxurious hotels at airports
The Fairmont at the Vancouver airport Hotels at airports are created for the convenience of transit passengers who do not plan to spend in the city more than one day.…