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The highest hotels in the world

Every tourist wants to relax in a luxurious hotel, which will open the unique beauty of the species. In this case, you should choose room which is located at a height of above two hundred meters. We offer you the top ten.

The highest hotels in the world can compose the following top hotels in South-East Asia and the middle East. As practice shows, there is an “Asian” advantage in this matter over American and European.

Rose Tower

The tallest hotel in the world is “Rose Tower”, located in UAE (Dubai resort). Currently it has seventy two stories and a height of three hundred and thirty three meters.


In second place is the hotel “Ryugyong”, which is located in Pyongyang (the capital of S. Korea). There are only three meters lower than the absolute leader, but one hundred and five floors. The architects of the hotel should be much higher and much more interesting with the presence of rotating and stationary floors. But there was no funding for this, because in North Korea, virtually no tourism, as it is a closed country. Moreover, this hotel, although vysokachestvennye, but unfinished.

Burj Al Arab

In the ranking of the “highest hotels in the world” the third place belongs to the famous “Burj Al Arab”, located in Dubai. He is known to all as the most luxurious hotel in the world and “hotel sail”. Has a height of three hundred and twenty-one meter. Each room in it has two floors and equipped in accordance with the latest in design and technology. Stay luxurious, comfortable and expensive. The interior is decorated with 22-carat gold leaf.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel

The fourth is for “Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel”, located in the UAE. Compared to the rest, he has a fairly modest height, only three hundred and nine metres and fifty-six floors. The hotel has singles and exclusive rooms-suites.

The Baiyoke Tower 2

Baiyoke Tower

Baiyoke Tower — Bangkok Thailand

In fifth place is occupied by “Baiyoke Tower” 2″ (in Bangkok). The height of the building three hundred and nine meters. The hotel has seventy-eight floors and it is located in the heart of Thailand. Under the hotel were given just a few floors, only with the twenty-second to seventy-fourth. The main attraction that attracts the attention of tourists in the capital, is the rotating observation deck of this hotel. She is able to move around the entire building. It was built in 1997.


Cullinan Hotel in Hong Kong

Sixth place went to the hotel “Cullinan” in Hong Kong, which is the highest hotel in China. The building has two twin towers, each the height of two hundred and seventy meters. The hotel has gained absolute popularity among wealthy customers, as the Windows offer a stunning view of the Bay Victoria.

Grand Lisboa

Grand Lisboa in Macau

Grand Lisboa hotel

In seventh place is two hundred fifty-eight-meter hotel “Grand Lisboa” (city of Macau). It opened in 2008, but the casino, which is located on the ground floor operated in 2007. Currently this hotel is one of the symbols, which is located in the former Portuguese colony in China.

Lanko Grand Hyatt Hotel

In eighth place is located the hotel “Lanko Grand Hyatt Hotel”. It is located in the Chinese city of Chongqing, whose height is two hundred fifty-eight meters. As a result of negotiations it was opened under a unique brand “Hyatt”. So, “Lanko Grand Hyatt Hotel” — the highest among those hotels that are included in American hotel chain.

Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel

Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel

Ninth place is occupied by the skyscraper of the Shanghai — hotel “Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel”. It has fifty-two stories, rise two hundred and twenty six meters. The cost of construction at a cost of one hundred and thirty-two million dollars. All rooms are serviced in accordance with the highest standards. It was built in 2006.

JR Hotel Tower

JR Hotel Tower — Nagoya

Tenth place in the ranking of the “highest hotels in the world” is “JR Tower Hotel”, located in the Japanese city of Nagoya. This building has two towers of equal height. The height of this building two hundred and twenty-five meters, there are fifty-two floors and seven hundred seventy-four rooms, among which there are both standard and Junior suites, suites of high class, rooms first class and the only one in the entire hotel a unique Japanese room. The hotel is located very close to Nagoya station.

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