Unusual hotels in China
China has always differed from other countries with their unusual offerings in almost every sphere. Here you will be able unusually to eat, to spend the time to acquire unusual…

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Unusual hotels in China

China has always differed from other countries with their unusual offerings in almost every sphere. Here you will be able unusually to eat, to spend the time to acquire unusual things and, of course, to stay at an extraordinary hotel. Due to great competition, many hotels come up with various ingenious suggestions to stand out from the huge number of other options. Many hotels have rooms that truly impress almost any person. Chinese designers and architects every year inventing more complex designs and designs to attract numerous tourists. Sometimes it happens that a hotel can be so powerful that he can outshine impression of the city and its attractions. Such proposals will be discussed today.

This hotel at first glance is no different from many other, if not for one small detail in the interior rooms. Each of 19 rooms of the hotel there is a small window through which you can peek behind the hotel and Vice versa. The Windows are quite small and have no doors or curtains to the visitors, Katariina share of joy from this service, was able to get rid of it.

The designers of the rooms have argued that such Windows existed in some parts of the ancient Shanghai, of the so-called “Longtang”. In such areas, people could freely look in the window and watch what the owners of the house.

Rooms have coffee machines, mini-bars, refrigerators, television and many others. Near the hotel are several restaurants offering various dishes of European and Chinese cuisine.

Address: Waterhouse at South Bund ( 水舍 ), Bei 1-3 Maojiayuan Lu, near Zhongshan Nan Lu, Shanghai, 上海市毛家园北路 1-3 号 , 近中山南路 .

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Bed size queen – 747 ¥;

Suite with private courtyard – 1500 ¥;

Suite with views of the waterfront – 1940 ¥.

• Aiwei Boutique Themed Hotel

The hotel Aiwei Boutique Themed Hotel or as the locals call it “love Hotel” offers a rather extravagant rooms, each decorated in an individual theme. In total, the hotel has 62 rooms, 13 of which theme, where guests are invited to plunge into a particular atmosphere.

Here you can imagine yourself a prison guard in the room with handcuffs and a cell or an undersea Explorer in an apartment with a waterbed, dominated by blue color, and has a lot of aquariums. Each room is air-conditioned and has all necessary amenities.

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Standard room – 250 ¥;

Room “Glass Cube” with free Breakfast – 373 ¥;

Room “The Shelter” with a double bed and free Breakfast – 500 ¥.

• Homa Chateau

Hotel Homa Chateau is a Paradise for art lovers. It is located in the Park, which covers an area of 5.5 square kilometers, which contains sculptures and paintings by over 100 different artists. Another distinctive feature of this hotel is that it is located right at the foot of a small cliff. All rooms are decorated in a modern style, and some even combine a small gallery with paintings and sculptures. The hotel complex is surrounded by lakes, rice paddies and cone-shaped mountains.

Guests can try their hand at calligraphy, fine art or ceramics under the guidance of professional artists. In the Park there are many caves that can be visited. Nightlife lovers can visit the unusual nightclub, which is located at a depth of 10 meters under the rock.

Address : Homa Chateau (夏朵酒店), Yuzi Paradise, Dabu Town, Yanshan District, Guilin, Guangxi Province 广西桂林市雁山区大埠乡愚自乐园

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Standard room – 2070 ¥;

Double room with lake view – 3000 ¥;

A Suite with a personal gallery – 5040 ¥.

• Commune by the Great Wall

Commune by the Great Wall is not just a hotel, it’s forty-detached villas created by 12 Asian architects. Each Villa has its unique design, which reflects the author’s idea. At the international art exhibition La Biennale di Venezia in 2002 this project won a special jury prize. And in 2005, the popular the website Business Week called Commune by the Great Wall “a New architectural phenomenon of China”.

The hotel features 175 suites, 11 presidential suites, three restaurants, outdoor pools, childcare, tennis courts and much more. The most popular villas are the house an airport, bamboo Villa, the house-the suitcase and the forest cottage.

Address : Commune by the Great Wall ( 长 城脚下的公社 ), Wall exit No. 53 at Shuiguan G6 Jingzang Highway, Beijing 北京市G6京藏高速公路53号水关 长 城出口 ;

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Standard double room with 1 double bed or 2 single beds – 2500 ¥; Superior double room with 1 double bed or 2 single beds – 2800 ¥; Deluxe room with 1 double bed or 2 single beds – 3000 ¥.

• Binhai Aircraft Hotel

Themed amusement Park, Binhai offers visitors to stay in one of the most unusual hotels of China – Binhai Aircraft Hotel. All his uniqueness lies in the fact that he is a true Soviet aircraft carrier “Kiev”. The creation of this hotel spent more than $ 15 million. For visitors today the aircraft carrier is available 148 rooms, each of which is decorated with animal skins, leather furniture and an individual design.

On the deck of the ship regularly hosts a variety of shows with fireworks, dancing and performances by local artists. Every day our team of experienced stuntmen and actors show a fascinating show of military subjects.

Address : Binghai Aircraft, Bagua Bay, Yingcheng Town, Hangu District, Tianjin 天津市沽区城八卦;

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Standard double room – 980 ¥;

Two-bedroom family room – 8800 ¥;

Presidential Suite – 28800 ¥.

Fuyulou the hotel is located in the small village, which is under UNESCO protection. Here you can feel the real flavor of Chinese provincial culture. It offers the opportunity to stay in the homes of the Han Chinese who came to this region over 1,000 years ago. A large part of the population is engaged in agriculture, as well as renting out their homes to rent to tourists to earn some money. The hotel Fuyulou is one of the most popular places in Fujian province. In total, he has 160 rooms of the middle class with all the necessary facilities, including free Wi-Fi and a TV.

Address : Fuyulou (福裕楼客栈), Hong Hang Village, Hu Keng Town, Yongding County, Fujian, 福建省永定县湖坑镇洪坑村福裕楼;

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Standard room – 60 ¥;

Standard room with antique bed – 120 ¥;

Room with three separate beds – 150 ¥.

• Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring

The main difference with a stay at Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring is undoubtedly its elegant design in the form of a horseshoe. 27 floor building located chic rooms for every taste and budget. Thanks to the skill of the architect, we can see the two main towers, connected at their tops, while the base of the building is hidden underground. Due to its location on the shores of lake Taihu from the hotel Windows offer a great view. The lobby is decorated with jade, which the Chinese revere as a sign of purity and elegance. At night the building sparkles with many lights, forming different images.

On the territory adjacent to the hotel there is the yacht harbour, Spa-centers, hot springs and luxury villas. Offers the possibility to rent a small island in the lake, where you can hold wedding ceremonies and other celebrations.

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Standard room – 1800 ¥;

Deluxe room – 2400 ¥;

Presidential Suite with private balcony and mountain views is 5000 ¥.

• Son of Heaven Hotel

Once the construction of the hotel Son of Heaven Hotel was completed, it was immediately entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest building, made in the form of sculpture. The height of the hotel is 41 meters, it has 10 floors and is an exact copy of the three Chinese gods: Fu, Lu and the Show, which often can be found in the form of porcelain figurines. Located in the center of God’s Fu – man in the red robe, it symbolizes luck and happiness. To his right stands Lu the God of prosperity and wealth, on the left Show the deity symbolizing health and longevity. He holds in his hand a peach, inside of which there is the luxurious Suite.

The hotel has two unique accommodation is the presidential Suite on the ninth floor and a Suite in peach.

Address: Yan’an baota ShaanxiYanan Second Street

The cost of the rooms (one day):

Standard room – 700 ¥;

Suite – 1000 ¥;

Suite in peach – 2000 ¥;

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