The most frightening and unusual hotels in the world.
Going on a trip, everyone wants to have unforgettable experiences, memories of which will carry through life. If ordinary beauty of nature and beautiful beaches you fed, it is proposed…

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Alsace (region), many popular
The history of Alsace - fifteen centuries of conquest, occupation, and exemptions. This region was a bone of contention between Germany and France. Only in 1918, Alsace was definitively ceded…

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TOP 10 most unusual hotels in the world

he rating of the most unusual hotels, among which is the hotel in the form of a hamster, a hotel out of garbage, a hotel made of salt and others.

The rating of the most amazing and unusual hotels in the world. Each hotel has an exclusive design and architecture. Most likely, guests of these hotels extraordinary people, and connoisseurs of the specific holiday.

One of the most unusual hotels in the hotel in the form of a hunting dog. The interior is also made in the form of dogs.

The hotel houses

This hotel looks like a puzzle. It consists of small houses built one above the other. The design was developed by architectural Studio WAM Architecten. The hotel consists of 11 floors and has 160 rooms for every taste.

The hotel in the form of a hamster

This hotel is located in France. Internal appearance resembles the lair of the hamster. For 99 euros per night, every visitor can feel yourself in the lair of the hamster. Visitors to the hotel can even twist a big hamster wheel.

It is located in Germany. It is a real Paradise for car lovers, all beds made in the shape of cars. The entire interior is made in HD.

The Chinese Tianzi hotel

The hotel look like a giant statue. It is made in the Chinese style and consists of 10 floors. Postroennye this amazing hotel in 2001, was later included in the Guinness Book of records.

This hotel designed by German architect HA Schult is located in Spain. It is made from 12 tons of garbage collected on European beaches. There are only five rooms.

Music hotel in Berlin

Ceilings and walls decorated in a style of music with guitars and other instruments on the ceiling.

Japanese capsule hotel built in 1979. Each room in it is made in the form of capsules.

Literature hotel

The world’s first literary hotel for artists. It is located in France. The rooms in this hotel have very good sound insulation. It differs in that to read my books in silence.

The hotel made of salt

Such hotels now appear in different countries around the world. But this hotel is different because it is entirely built of salt – the floor, roof and wall. It is located on the East coast of Bolivia.

The most unusual hotels in the world
Planning a trip to any country, the first item in the list is the issue of housing. But not all travellers will love the standard hotel, typical room service and…

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Hotel of the week: Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles
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