Hotel J. K. Firenze
Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, 7, 50123 Florence, Italy Florence knows no shortage of high-end hotels. Villas and mansions left the city a legacy of the Medici Golden age and,…

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TOP 5. Tourist places haunted
Ghosts – a great advertisement for provincial hotels which cannot offer anything but local "babajki". The Ghost stories of sin and renowned hotel, and a favorite place of ghosts are…

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Famous hotels near

Now I can say that twice in his life stayed at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The first time it happened my sister’s wedding ten years ago. It was all a bit surreal, because the bride was 45 minutes late to the local Church, perched on a high cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Her being late was so serious, that poor girl that was getting married an hour after sister (schedule of ceremonies they are not much different from the flight schedule at the airport of nice), came up to her, so my brother-in-law almost met the wrong bride. Of course, not a good omen, and the marriage didn’t last long. When I then asked my sister why she was late, she said that she was so comfortable in his room, she lost track of time until his hair. It did not help that her clock was still showing UK time.

So I was surprised and somewhat stunned, when I was invited to stay at the hotel (owned by the family of billionaire Oetker, in whose collection in Paris, and Bristol) on the weekend on my birthday last fall (the invitation lying on my Desk, included beautifully packaged white sports watch Eden-Roc and a birthday card from the management). Perhaps they remember my sister? In the novels of John Le Carre can read that in shveicarskie each request and each habit is written by guest staff for the future. I chose not to specify.

And when I met with the Manager for a tour of the hotel, didn’t give a completely honest answer to the question he asked me, shaking hands and a dazzling smile: “You first time in our hotel?” I smiled and just mentioned my sister’s wedding, which took more than half of the building Eden-Roc. I was thinking about this first visit (alas, not stay) in slightly different circumstances, when I was about 23. In my pocket was the accreditation to the Cannes film festival in 1991 from Times, and I paid about 70 euros for a passage to the famous salt water pool, where Vanity Fair held their Cannes party. Actually I had no access to the pool, and to hide behind an olive tree in the garden with Piers Morgan, leading a column about show business in The Sun, because we wanted to capture the Madonna during her morning jog in Cannes to promote In Bed with Madonna. On the way to dinner my wife and I passed by that tree.

What I like about iconic hotels like Hotel du Cap, is their timeless luxury in which you are immersed, staying there at least once. But, despite the fact that many of these legendary hotels is now frozen in time and the only hint of their former grandeur limited to black-and-white photographs of former guests like Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles or Elizabeth Taylor, lined up along the walls near toilets, Hotel du Cap has withstood the test of time and fashion.

Dating pool

While once famous hotels like La Reserve in Beaulieu-sur-Mer or former Grand hotels “Ravello” Amalfi coast lost his life the Beau Monde through the California army couples honeymooning with a backpack, Hotel du Cap attracts a different audience. Despite the link with guests, among whom was the family Niarchos, Scott Fitzgerald, Marlene Dietrich and the Kennedy family, the hotel refuses to stay in the past. With elegant renewal from Mrs Oetker (I especially like the blue curtains in the main bar) the hotel has created an atmosphere of plutocratic luxury villas, not of the Museum.

My friends are Hotel du Cap as my dear mistress, without which they can not live without seeing her at least once a year. My old L. A. friend, Charles Finch – the partying, the consummate party planner with celebrities, former producer and agent, PR genius, a figure of immense proportions, reminiscent of the Hollywood producers of the 1930s, every year organizes a dinner at the Eden-Roc. I can never tell exactly what it was about or how dinner guests from the top of the list are familiar with Charles, but I’m sure if he had dinner in a fish restaurant in the local port, things would be different. Among other things, I like new features, such as a juice bar and ice-cream and the Eden-Roc Champagne Lounge, the opening of which I was invited in may, but, alas, apart smashed by the storm, and the party was canceled so I would be glad to visit it during more pleasant weather.

In this hotel I like that the area around the pool at Eden-Roc becomes a kind of a theatre or gallery. Late summer I saw a beautiful exhibition by photographer slim Aarons, finely depicting two decades of secular scenes involving characters from different countries that are present there to this day.

They differ from intensively tanned Timov Jeffrey and their children were brought up to red as cancers of the oligarchs, bringing with chaise, mini-safe and three BlackBerry. One Russian who speaks English croaking, within an hour tried to hold his newborn son in approximately six London schools over the phone, each time paying a Deposit 350 euros. We were there in September, and, judging by their tan, many guests of the summer was long. My wife is Scottish we seemed to pale because I never went anywhere.

However, familiar faces, such as digital tycoon Brent Hoberman, co-founder, were the colour of dark teak. I talked to him while he was watching his children swim in the sea, and he explained that he was glad the end of summer vacation and eager to start new season of school and deals in London. Why not?

The Choice Of Sliema

How buttered wealthy elite enjoys the holidays, allows us to understand modern spirit. Vanity Fair chooses the Hotel du Cap for its Cannes parties partly because Hotel du Cap is not just a hotel: it is a form of secular art installation.

Exhibition Aarons also appeared in related to Hotel du Château Cap Saint-Martin, nestled in the hills behind Saint-Paul-de-Vence, where the holidays are completely different. Slim Aarons stayed at Château Saint-Martin in 1986, capturing something quite different than the current world poolside addicted to BlackBerry. At Château Saint-Martin super-luxury atmosphere of the monastery, and there is one of the best, Michelin-starred restaurants on the Cote d’azur. The food is a little more fussy gastronomic than Eden-Roc, where the service is such that, when I couldn’t read the wine list because of the lighting (or is it affected by age?), the sommelier brought a tray of glasses various strengths and designs.

Aarons was the perfect chronicler of high society 1950-1980’s. don’t know what he’d do with today’s cast annual theatre Hotel du Cap. But judging by the waistline of some foreign guests, next to whom we sat near the pool at Eden-Roc, he probably would reconsider its principle is to remove the “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” Long live secluded beach houses in the style of 1950s hidden in a hidden garden with views of the sea from a distance of hundreds of meters out of the jungle next to the main pool. They cost 500 Euro per day, but I understand why people pray to them all.

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