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Reset the SRS code and the light went away and never came ignition circuit zko airbag. I sent out my old module to a place that can rebuild modules. Never put the old module back in since it a pain in the ass to replace. You can look on eBay to see ignition circuit zko airbag someone is selling a SRS module with the same number or you can just send your module in to have it repaired. I'd use google translate to determine what the software is saying.

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Sent from BimmerApp mobile app. The airbag system per seat is comprised of: 1. Vehicle with fuel-cell drive, up to now only a Ford prototype. Fuel direct injection, gasoline direct injection, refer also to GDI.


Trip computer or Vehicle dynamics control. FE FEC. Delivery units, parameter for determining delivered fuel amount Front Electrical Centre. Failcode Engine. Output line for error ignition circuit zko airbag for engine control unit Mazda. Vehicle master computer.

Diagnostic gateway in vehicle, installed in combined instruments or central electrical system. Also contains the immobilizer. Vehicle information system.

  • Ignition circuit ZK10 -> battery unplug 1
  • E46 i - airbag light ggrrrr
  • Airbag light, Driver's stage 1 Firing circuit 1

Product designation such as FIS Vehicle performance analysis, product name for performance test stand Boschor Spring-loaded idle stop. Freely programmable combined instruments.

Vehicle system analysis, product name for engine tester Bosch. Chassis control unit or Fill-level sensor.

Delivery signal sensor, or Flexible service system. Flat tachograph new, flat designMercedes. Chassis analysis. Sometimes also used as product designation such as FWA Vehicle controller, ESP system component.

Yawing moment restriction or Great Britain. Gasoline direct injection, designation for petrol direct injection systems or vehicle models with this system. Usually proper name.


Basic module, or Gear motor, or General Motors, proper name name of vehicle manufacturer. Global Positioning System, satellite system for locating a vehicle. Speed control system.

Alternative term for cruise control. Independent electronic transmission control, usually proper name, or Belt tensioner.

Electronic transmission control, Version 1. Gas sensor hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon sensor.

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Global system for mobile communication. Transmission shift lock or Seatbelt buckle switch. Speed symbol. Specification on tyres for allowable speed, alphabetic. See also Speed Index. PC or computer that connects and controls data exchange between two networks. Hydraulic brake assistant or Hydraulically operated equalisation or Auxiliary brake system. High compression or Version with high compression ratio or Hydrocarbon. Hill descent control. Special system that maintains speed downhill.The biggest cost issue would be the airbag itself. Hopefully is the fix.

Make sure to check all wiring very closely when the steering wheel is off. hi all first post noob here i have a e46 convert last week airbag light 01 ign circuit zko airbag driver can ignition circuit zko airbag help with this or is there another. ' Ignition circuit ZKO/airbag stage 1' is related to some sort of wiring.

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