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In order to drill a little deeper into the 3DMark results, we also examine fill rate, triangle rate and DirectX8 tests individually. And the proof is in the multitexturing test result where ATI is over 2. Yes IR. The All-in-Wonder line debuted with the Rage ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 series.

One of the great things about having a TV tuner in your PC is that you also get TiVo-like features of time-shifting, where you can begin recording a program, and scroll back through it to see what you missed during your bathroom run, while the program continues to be recorded. And like the guide channel you get with your cable service, the listings ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 accompanied by ads on the left-hand side of the screen. Memory Size. Retrieved Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Win2K WinXP? Other Purch sites.

ATI All In Wonder RADEON -

THe is actually based on the Old radeon chip, but with a 0. If you are looking for performance Difference between the AiW and the AiW, I have to say ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 the difference is quite large. The AiW is better than the geforce 3 series in my opinion, and with all the features, a perfect all round card :. If anyone can indeed clarify the DV thingy, I also would like to be put right I'm reasonably sure that the DV option includes firewire ports. The looks nice but I have so much legacy hardware that I would lose all of it just to gain better video.

A few issues for those considering this purchase. Oxygen, WB, and a few others in my area Note that you can still record shows on these channels, but you have to program it as you would a traditional VCR 2. You don't want to have your computer be doing much else while recording shows This card is designed to not record anything that has been protected with macrovision Some forum users elsewhere have ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 success in bypassing this, though All in all, I am very happy with this card, as I use it primarily to record shows when I'm not around for archival purposes. Get real! Ever ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 the last software upgrade, my Tivo records for about 10 "basic" hours, then freezes up.

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon Review HotHardware

The workaround is to disable "record recomendations" and soft-reboot the sucker every day. Wish I'd gotten a ReplayTV.

Wait a minute This story sounds like one of those Slashvertisements tm that was foretold on April Fools Day! Oh, no! Now Linus is going to drop the kernel development and AOL is going to buy up ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 blogs! However, the actual shader performance of the Radeon is 13 and the actual shader performance of the All-in-Wonder Radeon is 0.

All products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. I use Win7 so this is now useless to me.

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500 Review

And I can't give it away cause it didn't come with a remote. The first mistake I made was to rush to by this. I should have taken the time to review more products.


Recent searches Clear All. Instead of using the fast R chip, this card is based around the smaller RV Pause live TV or record live broadcasts and watch them later Get instant replays of favorite programs Ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 through the transparent live TV window to access your desktop - no more moving the TV window to get to your work!


Connector Ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500. Recent searches Clear All. The card also has a TV tuner built in, but it is analog-only and no longer usable. First one lasted 10 years. This one works great!!!!


Vema was the seller and they supplied fast and accurate service. I agonized over whether or not to purchase it because of the noticable number of reviews, on this site and others, that basically say, "This card ati all-in-wonder radeon 7500 work!ATI All-In-Wonder (64 MB) overview and full product specs on CNET. The All-In-Wonder Radeon was a graphics card by ATI, launched in April Built on the nm process, and based on the RV graphics processor.

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