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Uniquely, nView exposes a number of preferences for individual applications. Hydravision display is great way to make some of the more novelty effects, like window transparency and spanning across multiple monitors, more useful than they would be when applied globally. Of course, nView also remembers where and how big all your application windows were the last time you hydravision display them. You can also configure a number of different overall nView display profiles to suit various needs. There are quite a few zooming options, which makes for a flexible tool, especially for detailed content creation work or for reading the really fine print in the latest Microsoft EULA.

A side benefit of doing this kind of performance testing is that it gives us a peek at how auxiliary displays react to 3D applications being run on the primary monitor. Multimonitor support is pretty sparse for gaming, other than hacks that hydravision display your field of view, which is especially useless hydravision display two-monitor setups where the center of your FOV is the border between monitors.


Our testing methods As ever, we did our best to deliver clean benchmark numbers. Tests were hydravision display three times, and the results were averaged.

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Messages: 1, Joined: Jan 1, I tried in the Video Card section to no avail, perhaps someone here has hydravision display it? I never used it BTW. Thank you for commenting!

Search instead for. Did you mean:. And what do it do? I highly appreciate all of your helps! You must log in or sign up to hydravision display here. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. When running a second, independent display with Parhelia or the GeForce4 Tianything desktop, open hydravision display, etc.

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This quirk was perhaps explained when I hydravision display some compatibility testing running Jedi Knight II spanning two monitors. As with Unreal Tournamentstretched desktop modes cause secondary displays to go blank when running Jedi Knight full screen on one monitor. This blanking nicely hydravision display the overbright effect, too.

SPECviewperf 7. Perhaps because the viewperf suite of 3D tests runs in app windows rather than full screen, there are no secondary monitor quirks to report. Which one is right for you depends, on course, on what you expect from your multi-display setup. Overall, nView feels hydravision display polished than HydraVision, especially since stretched desktops, zooming, and Video Mirror are supported. The ability span 3D apps across multiple screens is certainly useful for workstation users, but an attempt to leverage that capability for gamers feels like too much of a stretch, at least until developers specifically start targeting multiple screens, or until the price of Parhelia and a good three-screen setup becomes more reasonable.

Hydravision display 7, 2, 0 19, 0.

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I had a RadeonLE, would it work? R2P2 17 years ago [q]. ECarlson 17 years ago A couple more things: 1.

And they list a few multi-monitor KVM switches. Hydravision display out that site for lots of useful multi-mon info. ECarlson 17 years ago When I was thinking of going multi-monitor, I used the hydravision display site to get lots of great info.


Anonymous 17 years ago One thing not covered — which cards allow the secondary monitor to be colour corrected? Anonymous 17 years ago I am a dual display user from way way back. Namarrgon 17 years ago Diss, Ryu, [quote]Overlay Extended Mode locks DivX playback to the primary monitor, disabling it will hydravision display the issue.

Can anyone confirm cases where real video overlays do definitely work on multiple monitors" that had an office suite and a shortcut bar configured on it. Each desktop may be configured to the user's liking, and applications can be forced to be displayed hydravision display each desktop.

This is an ideal application when working on spreadsheets. It works fine now.

Disable ATI Hydra Vision

I hydravision display realize the "Extend my Desktop" was what I really was looking for. ATI turned to Appian for their multi-monitor functions, a company that has been providing multiple monitor solutions in the workstation market for quite some time now, and as such they already had many kinks out of the system when ATI approached them. Items such as correctly supporting dialogue boxes, zooming in on different parts of the screen, and software support had already been taken care of. Dual monitor setup with Radeon series. Mar 12, HYDRAVISION™ Multi-monitor Management Software enables you to tailor your desktop to the way you work, so you can manage increased amounts of. HydraVision for Windows® /Windows® XP 5 .

HydraVision™ Multi- monitor Management Software independent monitor display features and.

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