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Can anyone tell me the procedure for uninstalling that driver which doesn't function"Is it me or do I spend half my life watching little grey bars turn into little blue bars?? Hi I got a resolution to my problem. Sonnet I can tell all do have customer service and I am very grateful for that. Griffn out 2 gig and it was game on! griffin esata expresscard 34 snow leopard


Not sure how you determined this, but the developer says - as of yesterday via Twitter : "Working on an update that gets ExpanDrive working on SL sometime in the next day or two. RE: [quote]Jacques R.

I tested after installation and it loaded webpages just fine. I think that chart predates the FileMaker 8. Need to upgrade this one.

Adium 1. Option has said they will have a new driver out in the next few weeks. New Snow Leopard compatible beta of MenuMeters is up at ragingmenace. SheepShaver 2. I use it occasionally to maintain an old MS Works 4.

Snow Leopard: Compatibility

VPN Tracker 4 Equinux. The latest version 5 does run. Prior to However, there is now an easy and actually better way to accomplish the same thing. In Snow Leopard the exported terminal settings file now. You must not use the file without prefix, griffin esata expresscard 34 snow leopard one is only for the PC's with a motherboard having a SiI chip inside. I never owned one of these cards and didn't know if they were even firmware upgradeable. Yes, in the firmware tab of the card you can see the version of the firmware. But only if your card is updatable, otherwise this tab doesn't exist. Best Regards, Jean-Pierre" If anyone else updates their card and sees any pros or cons, let me know.

I had problems under Leopard I ended up getting the generic driver from SiL, I assume he means 1. If I have this card plugged in for longer than about 6 hours, the card will cause applications to randomly hang.

Silicon Image eSATA driver update for Lion? MacRumors Forums

As soon as I unplug the card, all of my problems magically disappear. May not be related but is Energy saver set to allow drive sleep? The application will try and start, but will freeze and then I griffin esata expresscard 34 snow leopard even force quit it. Next time try to open the drive icon on the desktop vs running another app - just to see if the drive is in sleep mode. Might also check the system logs open Console app and view all messages to see if there's any useful entries there related to the problem. No data is being passed through the card at that time.

I was actually surprised that daisy-chaining worked. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Claude B.

There have been 3 kernel panics which had to be remedied by holding the power button down for six seconds. There was no rhyme or reason to their occurrence. Best of luck. Thanks for the tip!

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

I just installed snow leopard yesterday, and to my dismay my eSATA griffin esata expresscard 34 snow leopard are no longer working! Don't tell me I have to connect them via USB - oh the pity of it!Like many others I installed Snow Leopard on my Mac and like many I'm most of myself a Griffin eSata Express Card, which I use to read/write to Smart Cards. I'm running a 17"MBP (, GHz Core 2 duo w/4GB DDR3), Griffin Expresscard/34 eSATA, (SiliconImagekext, from the link above).

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