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Dioptric correction is built in to compensate for any eyesight problems. The viewfinder's compact prism is an original Olympus innovation that eliminates camedia flashpath need for a quick-return SLR mirror.


Very Affordable The CXL is available at the same affordable price as camedia flashpath earlier CL, even though it adds new user-friendly features. Contact seller. Visit store. See other items More See all. Item Information Condition:.

Sign in to check camedia flashpath Check out as guest. If your digital camera is other than above listed models or need CAMEDIA Master series, please camedia flashpath Olympus authorized distributor or service center in your country. Download English size: 1.

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A night out on the town while shooting with a camedia flashpath second shutter speed lets you create some truly dramatic photographs. No matter what your mood you'll always find a feature that matches perfectly. It seems that whatever you're feeling, this is the one digital camera that lets you express it.

Take multiple shots of camedia flashpath snow-capped mountain range to create a true panorama. Offering an exceptional balance of performance and cost, it has everything from a super-high-resolution CCD and 3x optical zoom lens to an SLR design and easier operation.

A range of other features also bring more fun to digital photography. The six versatile flash modes include two new ones. Using the D's spot metering and exposure lock functions in concert, you can produce perfectly-exposed images in almost any situation. This is an incredibly useful feature overlooked by most amateurs, but heavily used by pros: Take advantage of the "free film" digital photography offers, and experiment a bit with the D's spot metering. Once you've gotten used to it, you may never go back to conventional averaged-metering again! With it, you can select from various combinations of image size and compression levels, to make the best tradeoff between memory capacity and image quality. The D Zoom had a real surprise in store for us in the image-quality department camedia flashpath well: Optional, uncompressed image storage, in addition to the normal Standard, High Quality and Super-High Quality settings!

Olympus Camedia Flash Path Floppy Disc Adaptor Mafp-2e SmartMedia Compatible for sale online eBay

Essentially all digital cameras the D included use so-called JPEG image compression to squeeze the multi-megabyte image files they produce to a few hundred Kbytes each, allowing many images to be stored on even modest-capacity memory cards. The catch of course, camedia flashpath that nothing comes for free, and the compression process unavoidably involves some loss of image quality.


The D Zoom is one of the first consumer-grade digital cameras we've worked with that offers this capability, and the first we've used in which the uncompressed file format was in industry-standard TIFF format, rather than a format proprietary to the camera manufacturer. The result is that you can slip the SmartMedia card into the included FlashPath floppy-disk adapter, and read the uncompressed image file into your Mac or Windows computer directly. We've included several examples of uncompressed image files on camedia flashpath web site, accessible via the pictures page. Note that each of these files is a 3. D owners will also discover that there's a price to pay for this file-size largesse: Not only do these huge files chew up memory-card space at a ferocious rate only two of them will fit onto a standard 8MB memory cardbut it takes a great deal of time about 45 seconds to save each one to the card.

Toshiba 3.5in Flash Path Floppy Disk Adapter

For those times when you really, really need the best the camera can produce though, there's no substitute.CAMEDIA Master and OLYMPUS Master software ( or later) are not Software patches (CAMEDIA Master) * Driver. FlashPath driver, MAFP-1/ MAFP-1N. FlashPath (FlashPath Floppy Disk Adapter) were a series of devices camedia flashpath by SmartDisk that allowed a variety of memory cards to be used in a " Floppy.

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