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The printer receives print jobs from a raster image processor RIPfrom either HP or a supported thirdparty manufacturer.

Connect the printer to the interface card using the included VideoNet interface cable. Power Supply 1. Power Supply Kit 1. Pressure Hp videonet 2. Printhead 1. Product 2. Try AutoBiDi first before running this manual calibration see Auto calibrations on page Press Manual BiDi Registration hp videonet the menu.

Future headends: More virtualization and all-ABR delivery

The control panel displays this prompt: Print a manual bidi registration page? The printer prints the calibration pattern you selected. When the calibration page has printed, the control panel displays this prompt: Bidi registration Head 1: 0 5. Examine the BiDi Registration pattern for the current head, and determine which pattern is hp videonet closest to perfectly aligned.

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Figure Manual bidi calibration patterns 6. Alternatively, you can perform the BiDi Registration repeatedly, which will move the head in smaller increments, until the head is aligned. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each of the heads. When you have entered hp videonet values for all heads, the control panel displays this message: Registration Successful Printhead X Calibration Precise positioning of each drop of ink is essential for optimal print quality.

This is possible only if you register all printheads in the printhead assembly to each other in the X direction along the direction of printhead carriage travel. Press Printhead X Calibration in the menu. The control panel asks whether you want to print a manual head-to-head calibration page. The printer prints a calibration page. When the calibration page has printed, the control panel displays this prompt: Take readings from left side of pattern. If you have a calibration pattern from a recent print, you can use hp videonet to calibrate the heads. Press the Cancel key and go to the next step. For best results, do not use a previously-printed pattern, print a new pattern. Examine the X direction pattern in the left-hand group of patterns for the current head, hp videonet determine which pattern of colored and black lines are the closest to perfectly aligned.

Figure Printhead X calibration patterns 5.

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Alternatively, you can repeatedly perform the X calibration, which will move the head in smaller increments, until the head is aligned. The control panel message increments the head number by one. When you have entered registration values for all of the patterns, the control panel displays this message: Registration successful. Manual Jet Mapping Jets that are missing or misfiring are usually detected by hp videonet AutoJet calibration. Alternatively, you can map out jets manually using the Manual Jet Mapping function. You may want to manually map weak or misdirected jets that AutoJet does not substitute.


TIP: For best results, print the prime hp videonet and purge the printheads as necessary to ensure the maximum number of working jets. See Check jet health on page for instructions.

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Press Manual Jet Mapping in the menu. Press Hp videonet and go to the next step. The printer prints a jet map test pattern.


If a line segment is missing or broken, the jet number shown next to it is out. A code letter if present provides further information: hp videonet. Select an option and follow the corresponding procedure below.

The control panel displays a numeric keyboard that you can use to enter the number of the bad jet. Enter the jet number, then press the Enter key. When you are finished entering jet numbers, press the Esc key. hp videonet

The control panel displays the head selection message again. Manual calibrations 59 5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each head containing bad jets you want to report. When you are finished reporting bad jets, press Hp videonet. The control panel displays the previous menu.VideoNet is HP's communication protocol used between the print server software (Including HP RIP. SW, ColorSpan ColorMark Legacy and third parties) and. To connect a single workstation to the RIP without a network, use a Category 5, 10/Base- T crossover cable, such as the VideoNet cable, part number.

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muratec mfx-2830Install the VideoNet protocol

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