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All rights reserved. Privacy and Terms. AMD SB Intel ICH10R. Website: Gigabyte. Julian Apong. However, the Core i7 series that have been around since last year, they are only compatible with the X58 and not the P Intel p55 chipset Page.


Instead, Asus throws in a little overclocking remote for those who are somehow unsatisfied with BIOS- and Windows-based overclocking controls. The OS intel p55 chipset is largely unchanged, too; Express Gate still lacks the sort of stability testing and recovery applications that would make it really useful to enthusiasts, overclockers, and even the average PC user.

Intel’s P55 Express chipset

The layout is excellent, and intel p55 chipset can manually key in most voltages, timings, and clock speeds. Gigabyte has made its trademark turquoisey-blue work with the more restrained motherboard aesthetics that have taken hold as of late. The UD6 certainly looks sharp, even if the racing stripes are a little odd.

The P55 PCH is actually intel p55 chipset the middle of the board where you might otherwise expect to find a north bridge chip. What looks to be a south bridge cooler is just covering a couple of auxiliary storage controllers.


Also crowding the layout is an extra pair of DIMM slots, making a total of six, just like intel p55 chipset Xbased mobos. This is an eight-layer design, as well.

The UD6 is smart enough to dynamically scale the number of power phases based on system load, too. However, the sheer intel p55 chipset of power regulation circuitry, combined with the close proximity of the DIMM slots and chipset cooler, makes for a more cramped socket than the other boards. Moving south brings us to a total of ten edge-mounted Serial ATA ports.

The UD6 has the same slot complement as the Asus board, but Gigabyte stacks things in a different order. A potential conflict between DIMM slot retention tabs and longer graphics cards is avoided by putting the top x16 slot one down the line. The proximity of the chipset cooler intel p55 chipset creates problems intel p55 chipset my tiny x1 Gigabit Ethernet card. One serves as a handy backup, and the capacity of the chips themselves has been increased with an eye towards eventually storing crash information for troubleshooting purposes.

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The BIOS itself is loaded with overclocking and memory-tuning features, including per-channel timing controls. Most high-end motherboard BIOSes let you arbitrarily key in values for clock speeds, voltages, and timings, and so does this one. Worry not, though; it intel p55 chipset be disabled in the BIOS. It seems that every time we cover a mainstream chipset launch, motherboard makers send us their most expensive examples of the breed. At first glance, the Intel p55 chipset definitely looks a little plain. MSI has gone with a simple color scheme, combining black, blue, and pewter tones on a board that looks more sparsely populated than the others. The open layout nicely avoids troublesome clearance conflicts, which is easier to do with only two x16 slots and generally fewer onboard peripheral chips.

Intel Lynnfield: Details and Architecture

That said, the GD65 is hardly lacking in expansion capacity or onboard connectivity options. MSI has also declined to compete in the power phase arms race that intel p55 chipset Asus and Gigabyte constantly one-upping each other. October 15, It includes two new graphics tests, two new CPU tests, several new feature tests, and intel p55 chipset for the latest hardware. It is based on advanced antivirus technologies. Modal header. PCIe 2. Voltiminder LED Friendly reminder on Voltage Settings In the pursuit of extreme performance, overvoltage adjustment is critical but risky.

Intel P55 Chipset Preview On Linux Review - Phoronix

Below is the block diagram for the Intel P55 Express chipset that support the Lynnfield processors. As the diagram shows, the memory and graphics controllers are now handled by the processor. As a brief refresher, the Intel X58 Express chipset marked the first time that Intel has moved a memory controller from the Northbridge and directly on to the intel p55 chipset. Retired and discontinued.

Trade compliance information.The Intel P55 is the first desktop chipset from Intel based on the PCH chipset design. The P55 Express chipset uses the LGA socket.


Compatible CPUs. Intel® P55 Express Chipset quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, ordering codes, spec codes.

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