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This lets you cast and chain spells, fire weapons one after another, deploy units and troops all across the map. Aside from these features, this wireless mouse incorporates excellent Zero Latency technology transmitting at 2. Money Back Guarantee Refund in 15 Days. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies view more on our Privacy Saitek r a t 9. Well Cyborg Mad Catz seems to have solved all of the issues we encounter with gaming mice with their latest upgraded R. Mouse Pads.

Exclusive: Mad Catz Cyborg Rat 9 review

Ratings and Reviews. Overall this is a good, yet very expensive wireless mouse that adapts to your gaming style, and not the other way around.


It's got two scroll wheels and a special button that lowers DPI while it's held -- and this new Rat 9, due out November, is completely wireless as well. Whereas RazerMicrosoft and Logitech all built their premium wireless gaming mice from scratch -- and with cord-based charging in mind -- the Rat 9 instead integrates a hot-swappable battery pack and a 2. Is it a half-baked attempt at saitek r a t 9 bliss, or do we have a new king of mice? Find out after the break in our full review. Design In case we hadn't already established that it's a looker, let's say it once and for all right now: the Rat 9 is one sexy mouse. Dressed completely in deathly black with sharp angles saitek r a t 9 rakish curves throughout, it evokes a Skunk Works stealth plane but with metallic components jutting out -- he better to show you precisely where you can tinker with the mouse.

Cyborg R. By Rich Brown. Design 9. Features Performance 8. So if you go turn off that setting it will get rid of your problem.

I also had to turn it off in my Logitech Set Point software since my keyboard is the Dinovo Edge, which also has a track pad on it. Had to turn off the track pad. Now I have near perfect traction other than my clumsy hands lifting the mouse ever so slightly due to my tendency to over-clench my hand and saitek r a t 9 up the right side of the mouse with my pinky finger.

Gaming Mice,Keyboards,Fightsticks and Headsets Mad Catz

I've come to the conclusion that my motherboard must had dodgy USB ports in the back. If this keeps up I might not have a problem with the RAT 9 after all.

saitek r a t 9 Which is good news for me since I got used to some of the unique features, such as the swappable battery packs. Your information about the hard gaming mousepads is interesting. I've used my mouse heavily for a year, granted, but I was using it on a Steelseries pad of good quality.

The RAT 9 gaming mouse, 1 year later... I need to discuss potential replacements.

I like the pad, but you're right about it being too hard for the pads. Edit: Just to add, the only thing broken about the mouse is the thumb rest which is an articulation. Buy it When first unboxing the R.

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It really is a case of "where do I even start" but in a good way. Verdict Overall this is a good, yet very expensive wireless mouse that adapts to your gaming style, and not the other way around.In a world full of the shapely blobs we call computer mice, saitek r a t 9 Cyborg Rat stands out. It's skeletal, metallic, and almost completely asymmetrical. Mad Catz / Saitek Cyborg R.A.T 9 reviews, pros and cons. Liked: Great, modular design.

Tons of customization options. Disliked: Expensive.

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