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Giant Nixie Tube Clock

Reply to Thread. Re: Nixie Tube project I use a 5v mA nokia phone adapter to power it. The 7441 nixie supply is 2 stage. Integrated bootstrap Schottky diode.

How to multiplex Nixies with IC ? QRZ Forums

Darlington Drivers with clamped voltage UL If so, why not feed the 12v directly to the Arduino? Or is your input voltage perhaps higher than 7441 nixie the Arduino can handle?

Thyristor Type: Triac. Holding Current Max Ih: 7mA.


Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Make 7441 nixie offer. Applying a pulse with specified width and voltages to the spades made the sheet advance to the next anode, where it stayed until the next advance pulse.

Count direction was determined by the direction of 7441 nixie magnetic field, and as such was not reversible. A later form of trochotron called a Beam-X Switch replaced the large, heavy external cylindrical magnet with ten small internal metal-alloy rod magnets which also served as electrodes.

Problem with KID1 Nixie Driver All About Circuits

Seems to be overdoing things a bit. It is said to contain a decimal counter, a 4-bit latch and a 7441 nixie decoder and nixie driver. 7441 nixiethis must have been a great IC, saving 2 packages per digit in a TTL frequency counter or voltmeter. Pin 5 is now configured as an output for serial data to the display driver with pin 3 configured as an input againand the line select data is shifted out to the display driver. The pushbutton connected to pin 4 is used to select which IF offset to use.


The board is shown here after redesign during final checkout before mounting with the PIC18F installed and the system connected to the ICD-2 via the cable to the left of the board coming from the RJ jack. In the final version, it was also found unnecessary to modify the inverter module — the 7441 nixie shown here is stock.

During hardware testing the usual bugs associated with prototyping were discovered including the lack of adequate decoupling capacitors noted above under Design and a missing wiring including grounding the resistor pack pulling RA3-RA5 low — the symptoms of that error being the effect that 7441 nixie any one button caused all three lines to go high simultaneously. The 7441 nixie as mounted in a Hammond plastic case. Part number s.

A will blank the tube 7441 nixie driving with A-F inputs. The only reason why I would use a A in a TTL clock circuit is to simplify the hours counter circuit. Hot Network Questions.


The ZM tube is driven with 2mA current. Watch list is full. No additional import charges at delivery!Dieter's & Driver-Tester Project last update: November (finished) Back to Dieter's 7441 nixie Tube Page · Add a comment here!

Email to Dieter. The DMA/DMA is a BCD-to-decimal decoder designed to drive gas-filled NIXIE tubes.

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The dervig is also ci pable of driving other types of low-current l.

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