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A portion of each sale goes to Reverb Gives. And the mic pres and converters are very, very good on these things. There apogee mini me firewire isn't anything on the market today that rivals the quality of the mic preamps and converters in a package as portable as this.

Any audio professional doing remote work shoulds invest in a unit that makes you sound as good as you possible can. You get instant recognition and connectivity, the way things are supposed to work.

Apogee Mini-Me

The MiniMe is designed for mobile recording it can operate from either the apogee mini me firewire 12V power supply or on battery power ranging from 6V to 16V The output options include or bit audio at There's 48v phantom power for microphones and a headphone jack for monitoring. Apogee Electronics has somehow packed all this functionality into a compact unit that doesn't feel cramped or awkward.


The knobs are accessible. And the LED input meters are easy to read. Contact Form.

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Acoustic Treatment. Studio Accessories.

DJ Equipment. Its latest offering, the Mini-Me converter, sustains the company's reputation quite apogee mini me firewire. Stiff Member. Send a private message to Stiff. Feel free to contact me with any questions. New Gear Alerts. Price Cuts. Tech Corner. Weekly Deals. Still, that was highly preferable to the garish sound of clipping, and in a "plug and play, and hope for the best" live recording session, it proved to be a lifesaver.

If phantom power is switched on it is made available only to the XLR sockets — if a TRS plug is inserted, or the associated gain control is turned back to select the line input mode, then phantom power is disabled on that channel. Simple headroom bar-graph meters apogee mini me firewire two sets of four LEDs situated between the input gain controls. A pair of toggle switches are mounted to the right of the second channel's gain control to enable and configure the soft limit and Push-It compressor facilities.


The top three-way switch selects off, soft limit and soft limit with compressor, while the bottom three-way switch selects the apogee mini me firewire compression ratio curve one, two, or three. Review More Purchases My Posts. There are no reviews for this item. Write Review. Reviews for Similar Products. Has anyone compared the preamps to the rnp?

Apogee Mini-Me Firewire Reverb

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The top three-way switch selects off, soft limit and soft limit with compressor, while the bottom three-way switch selects the required compression ratio curve one, two, or three. The soft limiting has been seen on many other Apogee A-D converters, including my own Apogee mini me firewire, and helps to guard against overloads by progressively increasing the ratio of a high-threshold compressor over the top 4dB or so of the quantiser range. Signals below -4dBFS are completely unaffected, but high-level transient peaks which are at risk of causing overload are instantaneously compressed such that they remain below 0dBFS.

Apogee Mini-Me

The system works extremely well, and many engineers use it deliberately as a creative element during recording, simulating in some ways the saturation effects of magnetic tape recorders. Phone Number.The Mini Me FireWire from Apogee, is apogee mini me firewire portable two-channel analog to digital converter, with built-in microphone/instrument preamps. The unit features a. The Apogee Mini FireWire card is a computer-based device, and as such. The Mini FireWire card brings FireWire conectivity to the Apogee MiniMe and.

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