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Using Multiple Audio Interfaces Together

Deejay Diabolik Replied on September 26, As long as you lock their clocks together in some way see 'Locking Asio2ks universal asio Clocking' boxthey should be able to exist in perfect harmony. But there are some restrictions you should bear in mind. These figures may also change from driver revision to driver revision. The upshot is that if you run different interfaces alongside each other and even if you lock them to the same clock to keep them in perfect synctheir input and output signals may still be separated by a small fixed offset of perhaps samples or less a couple of milliseconds at Therefore it's completely unsurprising that it supports multiple clients per device.


It was all the rage in the days before Windows Vista hardware audio accelerationbut I don't know if you can still do that in modern Windows versions. It's shame that the world is changing and you do not make any step forward I can not asio2ks universal asio it to recognize any more than 8 input channels from my Behringer x Joined: Sep 2, I believe pasted images are limited in size.

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Best way to get images in a post is to get them on a server somewhere, then link to them with an html tag this is automated with the image icon when editing or creating posts. Post 4 asio2ks universal asio I used that but the images are only links instead of the real images. Edit: Anyways, everything is working like it should now. Enjoy the thread!

This results in the following: no more hardware acceleration. The point of Direct Sound asio2ks universal asio is to let the hardware process unmixed audio content. For more information you can go here. This link will take you to the Creative forums. There is nothing you can do about this other than asio2ks universal asio another soundcard.

You can adjust the volume when using ASIO. This will not affect the 'bit-perfectness' of your signal. Hope this information helps you.

I think it's querying the driver, and asio2ks universal asio loading up the Buffer Size and Sample Rate pull downs with that info but I can't be positive about that. If I ask XMPlay for a ms buffer, that math works out to samples. I don't know if the driver asio2ks universal asio an exact matching buffer size.


In other words, based on the granularity and min, it would accept a value of samples, but what about asio2ks universal asio Would it adjust to the a nearest valid value up or downor fall back to the preferred, or return an error? The mic in on both Maya and Prodigy will be suitable, I've tried it. But the quality will be better when using an external preamp, of course. The trace-version had a problem with the CFileDialog, which caused the driver to crash when selecting a trace-file - fixed now.

After some more small enhancements and if no unforseen major issues pop up, the driver will go public as V1. Is there anyone who can answer question number 3?

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It worked with SoundBlaster 5.ASIO2KS is a generic ASIO driver for WDM kernel-streaming compliant soundcards on Windows and XP platforms. ASIO (Audio Streaming Input Output).


FlexASIO is a universal ASIO driver, meaning that it is not tied to specific audio hardware. Other examples of universal ASIO drivers include ASIO4ALL, ASIO2KS.

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