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The printing code I've added generates:. I did a similar Erlang erlang open port spawn for supervising game servers. When the external game server crashed I wanted to restart it from my central Erlang monitoring system. Stops the execution of the calling process with exit reason Reasonwhere Reason is any term.

Sends an exit signal with exit reason Reason to the process or port identified by Pid. The following behavior applies if Reason is any term, except normal or kill :.

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If Pid is not trapping exits, Pid itself exits with exit reason Reason. From is the process identifier of the process that erlang open port spawn the exit signal. If Reason is the atom normalPid does not exit. If Reason is the atom killthat is, if exit Pid, kill is called, an untrappable exit signal is sent to Pidwhich unconditionally exits with exit reason killed. Calculates, without doing the encoding, the maximum byte size for a term encoded in the Erlang external term format. The following condition applies always:. Returns a float by converting Number to a float, for example:. Returns a binary corresponding to the text representation of Float using fixed decimal point formatting.


Returns a string corresponding to the text representation of Float using fixed decimal point formatting. If option decimals is specified, the returned value contains at most Decimals number of digits past the decimal point. If the number does not fit in the internal static buffer of bytes, the function throws badarg. If erlang open port spawn compact is specified, the trailing zeros at the end of the list are truncated. This option is only meaningful together with option decimals. If option scientific is specified, the float is formatted using scientific erlang open port spawn with Decimals digits of precision. Returns the largest integer not greater than Number.


Returns a list with information about the fun Fun. Each list element is a tuple. The order of the tuples is undefined, and more tuples can be erlang open port spawn in a future release. This BIF is mainly intended for debugging, but it can sometimes be useful in library functions that need to verify, for example, the arity of a fun.

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Calling it will always call the function F with arity A in the latest code for module M. All other funs are called local.

When a local fun is called, the same version of the code that created erlang open port spawn fun is called even if a newer version of the module has been loaded. The following elements are always present in the list for both local and external funs:. Type is local or external. If Fun is a local fun, Module is the module in which the fun is defined.

Port — Elixir v

If Fun is an external fun, Module is the module that the fun refers to. If Fun is a erlang open port spawn fun, Name is the name of the local function that implements the fun. This name was generated by the compiler, and is only of informational use. As it is a local function, it cannot be called directly.

If no code is currently loaded for the fun, [] is returned instead erlang open port spawn an atom. If Fun is an external fun, Name is the name of the exported function that the fun refers to. Arity is the number of arguments that the fun is to be called with. Env a list is the environment or free variables for the fun.

For erlang open port spawn funs, the returned list is always empty.When a new process is spawned, it gets the same group leader as the If Port is an open port and the calling process is the port owner, the port replies with. The port is created using the BIF open_port/2 with {spawn,ExtPrg} as the first argument.

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The string ExtPrg is the name of the external program, including any.

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