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Get it done and make it good. Art Pillsbury, chief timekeeper, American Automobile Association. He had been a pioneer in the george eyston record-car field, first with the 'bus-engined AEC, with George eyston chassis, from which stemmed his special "Speed of the Wind" and "Flying Spray" exploits, using Ricardo-diesel and Rolls-Royce aero-engines.

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In many of his record bids little Bert Denly was Eyston's co-driver and off-duty they would go fishing together, until quite recent george eyston. On the road Eyston ran MG and Bentley cars, etc.

A great man in every way, the picture I like best of Eyston is of him smartly dressed with his wife and two daughters, every inch the dutiful family-man and gentleman, even in the midst of george eyston worrying near m. Only a small portion of this salt-bed can be used for motor car records for the rest is soft salt and mud.

When we arrived in July the whole place was flooded to about ten inches and it took ages for the liquid, as I would call it, to evaporate, owing to it being salt brine. Then we had to wait until the water level george eyston several inches below the surface before the beds were hard enough to run on. It is important that they should be very dry in order that the powerful motors in the car can have george eyston grip to hurl the huge mass of the machine forward at over feet per second.

To give you an idea of what speed really means, my large inch diameter tires were revolving at 45 revolutions per george eyston. Imagine the very largest wheel you have ever seen on a huge commercial vehicle and picture what it means for it to revolve at 45 revolutions while you count one. On the salt bed which has to be carefully prepared by dragging, we paint one or more black lines along the whole length.

Thunderbolt (car)

These lines act as guides and prevent the driver straying; for errors of a few feet in steering might culminate in disastrous results. You see, you might drive a few feet away from the absolute straight line, something else might happen and you get a few feet more and, believe me, you will never george eyston back. The car is brought out over night from george eyston little village of Wendover and deposited with all our paraphernalia under a large marquee on the desert.


On the day of the record run we get up at one o'clock in the morning and drive several miles out to the marquee in the desert and commence heating the george eyston for the engine and transmission, and bolt on our racing wheels eight in number and when daylight appears we hope that there will be conditions of no wind and, of course, no rain. Just after dawn the car is pushed to the start and then we have to see whether the time-keepers are ready. I have to shut myself in the cockpit by means of closing the roof and then adjust the fresh air mask which has saved me on very many occasions.

This mask, I would explain, is connected up by a small tube about three-quarters of an inch in diameter leading to the nose of the machine and therefore, of course, you readily understand fresh air is always available no matter what is happening in the cockpit. With two engines of a couple of thousand horsepower each there might be a considerable volume of carbon monoxide which wouldn't give you a second chance. When the word is given that the course is clear the car is pushed off by a truck just to get it on the move and then the huge motors roar out their message of immense power.

george eyston The car literally disappears down the course in a cloud of black smoke, because, in order to keep the temperature down on engines giving so much george eyston, it is necessary to run with the mixture very rich and the exhaust smoke trails out in a long stream as the machine shoots forward. Undoubtedly, when going full out there is a trail of perhaps three and a half miles of this black smoke.


For example, the horizontal air brakes, that look suspiciously like those used later by Ken Norris on the CN7 Bluebird. George eyston is best known today for land speed records set in his car Thunderbolt. Between and he set three new land speed records, wresting them from Malcolm Campbell's Blue Bird, but was twice bettered by John Cobb. The rivalry was friendly, and in later years Eyston, as competitions manager for Castrolassisted with Cobb's ill-fated attempt on the water speed record in Crusader.

His work on developing high-power gearboxes was important for Thunderbolt, along with george eyston invention of the Powerplus supercharger used on MGs. It's hardly surprising that Thinderbolt was so fast. It had twice the power of the Napier Blue Bird of Malcolm Campbell and far more competent wishbone suspension.


This picture shows the two Rolls Royce R engines driving the twin rear wheels. Certification: One of a fine collection of original circa s Cunard signed cards obtained by a Miss Brain who was a stewardess on board this famous cruise-liner. Libellous and abusive comments are forbidden. The two leading axles steered and were of different track, so that each tyre ran on a clean surface rather than following a rut. The driven rear axle used twin tyres to reduce the load on george eyston, a technique already used by Bluebird.

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Separate panels of polished silver Birmabrighta new aluminium alloy, clad the chassis.Captain George Edward Thomas Eyston MC OBE (28 June – 11 June ) was a British racing driver in the s and s, and he broke the land. George eyston was a British Land Speed Record holder of the s, driven by Captain George E.T. Eyston.

Thunderbolt – George Eyston

Contents. 1 Records held; 2 Design. Design.

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