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Another problem is that you cannot have two copies of XP on one computer.

How to Transfer the Contents of an IBM T42 Hard Drive to Another Hard Drive

There is the right amount of travel when pressing the keys. Each key seems independent of one another and there is no flex.

The keyboard does not have many extra buttons, only volume controls, mute and the Access IBM button. ThinkPads do not have a Windows key.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

I think they are still mad at Microsoft for stealing the OS market from them. Every now and again I wish I had this key. The touchpad works fine.


Sometimes it is a little imprecise. I personally have never liked TrackPoint like devices all that much. Ibm thinkpad t42 usb think this dates to the first ones which where very stiff and hard to use compared to a mouse. I like the stick on my T42 better than the old ones.

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There are two other heads for the stick included if you do not like the eraser head style one. Edit the menu. Toward the bottom of the file, you will find one or two entries in the list that are designed to boot Microsoft Windows. The one that launches Windows XP may ibm thinkpad t42 usb something like this:.

Edit the file so that it looks like this instead - and be sure to notice the change from " root hd0,0 " to " root hd1,0 ", the two added lines, and the commenting-out of the " savedefault " line by adding the character at the front I have not figured out a way to make it boot from Grub installed in the second hard disk, so comment out the entire entry by placing the character at the front of each line, like this:. Save the file. I recommend against using the sudo grub-update command that most guidelines recommend at this point, but if you have edited the file correctly, it should do no harm to use that command. The beeps usually tell you which component failed motherboard, video card, See Velociraptors' comment to the question for a list of Thinkpad beep codes.

Look up yours and repair your laptop It doesn't seem to matter what kind of device I have plugged in. The battle continues Thanks HAL That does seem like a logical suggestion. View Ibm thinkpad t42 usb Entries.

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Windows xp - Why would an IBM ThinkPad T42 not turn on? - Super User

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IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

Stereo speakers, microphone. Audio Codec.


Hard Drive Spindle Speed. X freezing with 2.

Just installed Windows 7, got it all updated and then it started just shutting down like the power was pulled while it was plugged in. I have a Thinkpad T I know I could get a used or refurb HD, but I've had reliability issues in the past. T60 memory upgrade - maximum memory config. View All.Hello, so I'm pretty new to computer hardware, ibm thinkpad t42 usb please excuse me if I'm woefully ignorant here. I have an old IBM T42 Thinkpad without a.

After this guide you should be able to boot from USB on an old IBM Thinkpad T40 or equivalent. This assumes there is a problem with the boot.

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