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Lexmark 632 Users Manual User's Guide

The Paper S lexmar firefly setting for th e multipurpose feeder must be set manually from t he Paper Size. The Paper Type s etti ng must be set for all trays from the Paper Type menu. Th e Pape r Type m enu and th e Pape r.

Unlinked lexmar firefly rays hav e sett ings tha t are not the same as the sett ings of any othe r tray. To un link a t ray, ch ange the follow ing tra y setti ngs so that they do no t mat ch the s ettin gs of any other t ray:. Paper Typ e names de scrib e the pape r charact erist ics. If the nam e that best des cribes you r paper i s used by l inked.

Load a differ ent pa per size t o change t he Paper Size s etti ng for a tray a utoma ticall y. Paper Size s etting s for the. Warn ing lexmar firefly ent ial D amag e: D o not as sign a Pa per Type name t hat does not a ccura tely desc ribe the typ e of pape r. lexmar firefly

The temperature o f the fuser varies accordi ng to t he sp ecified Paper Type. Pa per ma y not be. lexmar firefly


Assigning a custom paper ty pe nam e. Assign a custom pape r type n ame to a tray when linking or unlinkin g the tr ay. Note: The comput er must be con nected to the s ame ne twork a s the lexmar firefly ter. Submitting Selection appears. Custom Types appearsfollowe d by your c ustom nam e.

USB Flash Drive - Lexar

Paper and specialty media guidelines. The follo wing paper charact eristic s af fect pr int quali ty and re liabi lexmar firefly. Consi der the se cha racteris tics whe n evalu ating.

Pap er lighter t han. For pa per smal ler than x mm 7 x 10 in.

Lexar USB Flash Drive Format & Repair Tool Free Download

Curl is lexmar firefly tend ency for pape r to cu rl at its edges. Excess ive curl can cause paper feedi ng problems. Cur l can occur af ter. Sto ring pa per un wrappe d i n hot, hum id. Paper sm oothnes s direct ly affec ts print quality. If pa per is to o roug h, toner c annot f use to it prope rly. If paper i s too. Always use pape r between and S heffield poin ts. The amount of moistu re in paper affects both print quality and the ability of the printer to feed the paper correctly. Leave paper in its original wr apper u ntil it is time to u se it. This lim its the expo sure of paper to m oisture changes that. Condition p aper befor e printin g by stor ing it in its or iginal wr apper in the same environ ment as the print er for 24 to. Extend the time s everal da ys if the s torage or transp ortati on environm ent is very d ifferen t.


Thi ck pape r may al so req uire a l onger co nditi oning perio d. Grain ref ers lexmar firefly t he alignm ent lexmar firefly t he pape r fibers in a sh eet of pap er.

G rain is e ither grai lexmar firefly longrunning the length of. Paper and s pecialty med ia guidelin es Fiber content. This content provides th e.


lexmar firefly Paper containing. Unaccep tab le pa per.For more than 20 years, Lexar has been trusted as a leading global brand of memory solutions. Our award-winning Lexar Recovery Tool, Aprdownload. For more than 20 years, Lexar has been trusted as a leading global brand of memory solutions. Our award-winning lineup includes memory cards, Lexmar firefly flash .

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