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Marantz PMD-660

Simple Operation With the flip of a switch record audio files to marantz pmd660 and widely available Microdrives or compact flash cards. I am thinking of using a Crown PMZ for group interviews… is there a better match for the ?

That Crown boundary mic ought to be a good match for thein theory…. I use the to record interviews for transcription and the internal mic works fine in situations where the interviewee and I are sitting round a table with the recorder between us. Marantz pmd660 had an issue like you describe happen the first time I used external mics on the I got a really nasty whine.

Marantz PMD Recorder — Murray Tregonning & Associates

To fix the problem I had to turn the speaker volume down to zero. Later I just plugged in a plug marantz pmd660 headphones into the headphone jack to disable the speaker. So if you want to turn off the speaker and not use phones, no need for a dummy plug, just switch it to line out.

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I think it is worth your time asking the people at Marantz about the whine maybe send them a sample. I know with the they had some initial issues with Nicad battery recharging in the unit,which they fixed. It would be interesting to get their response on whine issue. My experience with Marantz had been that they are quite responsive—far better than any of the marantz pmd660 tech companies Marantz pmd660 buy stuff from—so it is worth talking to them. I just tried to kill the batteries by recording for as long as possible, coincidentally with a condenser mic. With phantom on, I got a little over 3 hours of recording, with 4 standard Alkaline AA batteries.

Marantz PMD Flash Recorder -

But before it dies, it writes track info. Your preview indicated the EV RE50 would not work well with the I would marantz pmd660 to use a mic similar to the MD46 or RE50 i.

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I just received my PMD today. I ordered it from the U. I agree with most everything posted so far.

My first thought is that it should have been built out of a more solid material or have an optional case. It does come with a strap but Marantz pmd660 decided to forego putting that on.

Marantz PMD 660

I tested with a dynamic mike EV and found the noise level acceptable at 48k. I agree that a condenser mike would be better but I think marantz pmd660 dynamic is acceptable for ENG, although I plan to use a condenser for sit-down interviews any suggestions? marantz pmd660


I suspect you might get more juice marantz pmd660 a quality set of NiMHs. NiMH technology seems to be constantly improving. The latest Sanyos are up to mAh now. Is Ohms loud enough? Or which other things Marantz pmd660 have to take care off?

I want to use it for environment sounds and concert recordings — so if somebody can help me out — I would realy appreciate it — thanks. Hi Jeff- Ok lots and lots of good info on PT and recorders here. I typically bounce mixes out of PT into. Where do I get a simple plug in for PT so I marantz pmd660 export file as or bounce to the format conforming with the new Content Depot: I want to save directly out of PT. Is an extra utility required? So if you like an omni, try the Beyer MCE, or something similar.

Modular mics based on the sennheiser K6 module are good choices, get the K6 and then add an omni, or cardioid, or short shotgun capsule.Marantz Professional PMD Handheld Digital Audio Recorder.


Sorry, the Marantz PMD is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only.

Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free .

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