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The blacklist is read by modprobe where insmod just tries to insert a module without bothering with dependencies or blacklists or anything. Modprobe sata users will want to use modprobe 8 instead, which is more clever and can handle module dependencies. I'm currently running CentOS on some old hardware and using a USB interface to a hot swap bay for testing these, but it's not really an ideal solution. I'd use SATA directly for this. Martin von Wittich If mkfs. Sample Netinst Patch Here, a wireless driver adm is modprobe sata to the nic-modules udeb.

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Hmmm, well, rescan-scsi-bus. We're trying a different server vendor anyway so maybe hot swap will "just work" for us in the future. Yeah, you cannot get around that, near as I can tell. This is why you use disk label or UUID, and mount your fs by that manually, or in fstabyou can set it, and then it doesn't change. The only trick is getting your boot loader to install to the new drive, but still work when it reboots, though from modprobe sata quick experiments with GRUB I was replacing sda on a machine with sd[a,b,c,d] and software raid1 for all the system part of the fs.

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You should never assume the names are always the same. Email Required, but never shown.

Featured on Meta. The straightforward option is to build that into the kernel, i.

Not loading sata driver .

Last edited by tzp; at AM. I'm not sure modprobe sata are accessing the correct thing when you do a fsck you point it to a partion not a disk itself i.

Thread Tools. Maybe your disk is on LVM partition.

Sign up to join this community. Or you may figure out how to build a initramfs with the SATA modules, so the kernel can use them before mounting the rootfs. I don't know how to do that, but it's very useful and I think linux-sunxi has docs about it. It should ne noted that 'passive benchmarking' especially with slow ARM devices often goes wrong 'passive' in contrast to active benchmarking where the goal is to produce insights modprobe sata not just numbers.

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This is somewhat different on SoCs that are made for this purpose eg. By repeating this test with R40 quad-core up to 1. Last edited by GlennsPref; at Modprobe sata.

Modprobe sata lines too long There doesn't seem to be much point in making a module loadable that you're going to have to load every boot. I guess I don't get it. Connor Imes ckimes wrote on : 8.


I am closing this bug for linux-source Modprobe sata you. Affecting: linux-source Assigned to. Scott James Remnant Canonical canonical-scott wrote on :. To blacklist a module and thus preventing the loading during bootup use this command: You are advised, anyway, to upgrade to a recent kernel.

It's quite possible some config needs to be done on the raid modprobe sata for it to see the disk. In my case it was the necessary to add the new disk back into the raid. I get permission denied even when using sudo and when switching to the root user.


I use powertop to let more things power down, so maybe the SATA port that I plugged the drive into was fully asleep. The system has a SATA optical drive connected and detected at boot, but it was probably asleep, too. As others suggest, to modprobe sata resetting the SATA link for active drives, figure out which host ids are already in use and don't scan those, only the one where you plugged in a new drive.

The information on this page is outdated. As modprobe sata as you have a fairly recent distribution with kernel 2.I made sata driver (mv_sata) as a loadable kernel module. But when the for my sata drives I am using "/sbin/modprobe ahci". But ahci must. Models using a SATA controller and a PATA (IDE) system disk with modprobe sata echo options libata atapi_enabled=1>/etc/modprobe.d/atapienable.

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