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Muratec MFX-1700 Printer User Manual

The Rotating Charge Brush is used for the charging method. The rotating brush charging generate little ozone in the printer. Because the charge muratec mfx-1700 directly given to the Drum, the Drum can muratec mfx-1700 charged by low voltage.

At the same time, the Drum can be charged stably and evenly. The LED print head, located inside the printer muratec mfx-1700, closes down over the drum and projects light onto the drum surface. When the document is to be printed, individual elements muratec mfx-1700 the LED print head turn on and expose the drum where ever a dark area should appear in the document.

Transports the toner to the developing roller. Carries the toner to the Drum surface for development. Exposed to LED right to create an invisible image and rotates to carry the developed image to the muratec mfx-1700 surface.

Genuine Muratec MFX-1700 Black Drum Unit

In the Roller Image Transfer, there is little generation of ozone due to corona discharge. Also, there is no blur of toner because the paper is always pressed by the Drum and the Muratec mfx-1700 Transfer Roller. This step does not actually remove the muratec mfx-1700 toner from the drum surface. Instead, a Eraser brush is used to evenly distribute the remaining toner over the drum surface. When the drum surface is charged in preparation for printing the next document the remaining toner is also charged.


Any residual toner that is not exposed in the subsequent drum exposure process is attached back onto the developing roller. A heat roller system is used as the fusing system. The toner image is fused by Heater Roller heated by the Heater Lamp, and securely fixed by the pressure between the Heater roller and Press rollers. A Thermistor detects and controls the Heater Roller temperature. muratec mfx-1700

When the Heater Lamp is not turned OFF even if the Muratec mfx-1700 detects a high temperature malfunction, the thermostat shuts down the power to the heater lamp. When the thermostat is malfunction, the thermal cut-off shuts down the power to the heater lamp.


Fusing temperature 1 Muratec mfx-1700 Up 2 Printing After the initialization of the printer, warming up of the printer starts and the Heater Lamp turns ON until the temperature of the Heater Muratec mfx-1700 reaches approx. When the printer obtains the printing command from its controller, the Heater Roller is maintained at C.

Muratec MFX Drum Unit - 16, Pages - QuikShip Toner

After printing, the printer turns to standby mode. The fuser kept at low temperature. The Heater Roller maintained at muratec mfx-1700.

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In this muratec mfx-1700, saving the power. Each mode is listed below along with the command used to activate the mode and a brief functional description. However continue the operation, as it is no problem.

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