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Item Information Condition:. Also, you could try to manually send in the commands the way that you want using Measurement and Automation explorer, and use the GPIB test panel to send the commands. If you can get that working, then using labVIEW to program it shouldn't be much more difficult. The electronic loads can be externally controlled from zero bk precision 8500 labview full scale with a V input signal. A BNC output is available on the rear for monitoring the current with a V output signal. If the source changes, or if the source has internal resistance, then that can be compensated by changing the variable resistance until the measured voltage and current are of the desired values.


In an electronic DC load, the measurement and adjustment of the variable resistance are automated using a control loop. The diagram below shows an approximation of how the BK can function at a high level note — the BK actually incorporates multiple processors and more bk precision 8500 labview circuitry — this diagram is just demonstrating what end functionality is embedded inside the BK, not how it is implemented.

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The heart of the control loop can be bk precision 8500 labview in hardware or for more flexibility as algorithms in software. The BK is easy to use, I did not find myself needing to reach for the user manual too often incidentally, the user manual is well written. There are plenty of buttons and a shift key for accessing the menu options. The bk precision 8500 labview fluorescent display is large, very bright and clear, and because it is alphanumeric and there is space for reasonable amounts of text, the menu options are easy to follow.


I also liked the fast update rate; the readings on the screen update bk precision 8500 labview three times per second this is a visual estimation. We have some FPGA code which is "hard to compile". We can have up to 20 failed compilations in a row.

We can, however, also have four or five successful compilations in a row. If we made some minor change prior to a successful change, human nature demands we attribute the success to the minor change but alas, time and experience are whispering in my ear that the whole correlation versus causation thing is completely the wrong way around bk precision 8500 labview FPGA compiles i. I ask this because we're trying to optimise some of our CLIP code which is tied to certain hardware pins and thus places strong bk precision 8500 labview on the routing algorithm.

Since most of our timing violations come from routing and not from logic with routing typically being x larger than logic delays this would seem to be a logical place to try to gain some routing headroom. These supplies provide a numerical keypad for direct entry of voltage and current values along with convenient cursors and a rotary knob to quickly make incremental voltage and bk precision 8500 labview changes. Message 7 of Message 8 of Basically it uses the electronic load, in conjunction with a basic power supply, and turns the two items into a more advanced power supply, suitable for driving an LED.

It relies on the fact that whatever current is flowing through the load must be equal to the current flowing through the LEDs. Bk precision 8500 labview DC power supply needs to be set to a voltage higher than the sum of the forward voltages of all the LEDs in the string of course.

Programming a BK precision in List Mode?

This is extremely useful to characterize LEDs. Usually LED datasheets describe the forward voltage only at a specific current setting.

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By reading off the voltage on the BK display, one can subtract this value bk precision 8500 labview the DC supply voltage and determine the LED forward voltage at any given current value. Another use of the BK is for the user to test out brightness levels at different drive currents. It is also possible to implement PWM to see its effect by programming the DC load to toggle between two currents.


Today, this helps to create the byte packet, calculate the checksum and print the returned values. Below is a typical example of using this set of functions. Set theme jekyll-theme-time-machine.Download bkp85xx, a LabVIEW Serial Plug and Play (project-style) from BKPrecision, bk precision 8500 labview,, I'm trying to communicate to my BK Precision Hello, I'm doing a program on LabView for the communication (RS) in remotely with.

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