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Iron Nugget. Shale Hybrid Fragment. Not only have I achieved my fitness goals but I didn't dread the gym anymore! I never was a "fitness person" warcat habitually warcat out until warcat.

Warcat 2.2.5

Working out with the warcat team and other people at, all different spots in there fitness journey, became something I looked forward to doing after work instead of looking forward to happy hour, for once! They are all very encouraging and just fun to be around! I always leave the gym warcat a smile and feeling accomplished AF. They whipped my butt into shape real good. Super affordable for the amount of attention and knowledge the trainers have I've been working out with them when the fully realized gym was just a dream.

Can't believe it's almost here! The community that I've grown to love here is both challenging and encouraging. Arnel, owner and head coach, constantly changes his workout programs to keep us all excited and looking forward warcat our next goal. It says a lot about a trainer when your clients stick with you for years no matter the training space. I usually don't stay with a workout program or sign up to a gym for longer than months. But am so excited for a very long term relationship with this gym and its people! From the ground up, WARCAT Strength is built to help clients progress, have a good time, and be surrounded by a friendly and welcoming group of staff and clients that make the gym feel more like a secondary home than just a place to lift weights. Staff: Arnel is extremely knowledgeable about fitness programs, is able to quickly understand his client's needs and wants, and is able to work with just about anyone.

Around him, he has built a confident and solid staff that understands the importance of form and technique, will push you hard through bootcamps and classes, and will work with you to meet your goals; whether those goals are increasing your strength, weight loss, hitting some sort of event like a Spartan Raceor just general fitness. A special shoutout here to Anthony as well, who has the ability to make you laugh the warcat session while also feeling like your soul is just going to leave your body due to getting pushed to the limit. The stereotype of meatheads that just want to lift, grunt, and overall scare most people out of the gym isn't evident here. At WARCAT, you get a ton of people who can lift a lot, but almost everyone is willing to greet you with a smile and everyone helps push everyone to the next level.

Urban Dictionary: War Cat

In fact, a ton of the WARCAT clients have become good friends of mine and we're always pushing each other during our classes, doing events outside of the gym ex. A few of us are currently going forward for a Spartan Trifectaand we even meet to workout together outside of any of the regular classes. Programs: The programs here are amazing. He's worked alongside my physical therapist to warcat me get back to the gym after a bad car accident, has helped me recover from surgeries modifying exercises where needed to ensure that I didn't overwork during my recoveryand has given me additional stuff to focus on at home to bring down my weight, increase my gains, and overall live a healthier lifestyle.

The weekday classes never feel crowded, but always have a good group, while the weekend bootcamps are a great start to the weekend by pushing you to the limit. I've never gone to a class and felt like it was time wasted or I wasn't pushed to the limit; the staff makes sure that you're getting the most out of that one hour and you're going to walk away sweating, tired, and feeling like you got your ass kicked. There are also always fun one-offs.


We've done bootcamps at Hapa's brewing, Arnel has had bootcamp BBQs at the gym, and we've also done fun things like movie-related workouts where we had to do some sort of exercise based off a quote, line, musical moment, or something else! Gym: The equipment is top of the line and ranges from heavy weight-focused areas to cardio equipment to obstacle course equipment and tons of warcat to supplement all warcat those.

Special note of the giant tires, hammers for tire slams, peg boards, and the giant monkey bars and Spartan wall. The gym is clean looking and always clean feeling. People put their gear and weights back, there are wipes stationed throughout the gym to clean up your racks when you're sweating during your workout, and the gym is well designed to prevent it from smelling like a gym bag warcat been sitting in the sun and full of month's old clothes.

It never smells here, and that's awesome. It's also really convenient when it's warcat.

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I've been able to get a workout in before a long day at the office, getting in as early as 5am, while also being able to consistently get a time in during the evenings when my day at the office is done. There's always a friendly face here and a good program setup to help feel like I'm getting the most out of my day here. July 29, San Jose, CA Wisdom Wednesday! Organize your day, make some adjustments, and set some goals so you can start making some good habits! If you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use some features of our Service and we recommend that you leave them turned on.

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Programming warcat Personal Training. A breakdown of our three memberships and all the perks that come with them!.

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